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Learn English vocabulary: 12 Words for delicious food

Looking for another word for delicious food? If you’re a food lover who wants to take your culinary vocabulary to the next level, this guide is for you. 

Delicious meaning – extremely pleasant taste or smell

The soup was absolutely delicious.

The restaurant serves fresh, aromatic, and delicious food.

I always find homemade food delicious.

If a person is devoted to cooking, he always prepares delicious food.

I will have some delicious strawberries for breakfast.

Discover 12 words that will allow you to express your appreciation for food spontaneously. Let us explore different synonyms for delicious.

What is another word for delicious?


Mouthwatering: Describing food that looks or smells so good that it makes your mouth water in anticipation

My mom always prepares mouthwatering food.

The restaurant offers mouthwatering South Indian cuisine.

Let me get you some mouthwatering desserts.

So the next time you encounter a dish that leaves you craving for more, don’t hesitate to use the word “mouthwatering” to express just how delicious it is.


Gourmet (Adjective): (of food) It refers to high-quality, refined, and expertly prepared food.

Gourmet food is high-quality food and a gourmet restaurant serves high-quality food.

I love visiting gourmet restaurants and eating gourmet food.

I also enjoy gourmet coffee and beverages (a drink of any type). 

Every wife wants to prepare a gourmet meal for her husband.

She had a gourmet dinner last night.


Divine (Adjective): Used to express that food is heavenly or exceptionally delightful

You can experience beautiful beaches, famous churches, and divine food in Goa.

Every five-star hotel may not serve divine food. 

Divine food may or may not be expensive. 

When you encounter a dish that is truly exceptional and brings you immense joy, don’t hesitate to use the word “divine” to express just how heavenly and delightful it truly is.

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Ambrosial (Adjective): Delicious food is also called ambrosial food

Ambrosial (Delicious) food has a very pleasant taste and smell.

I love eating ambrosial ice cream, cake, and other dishes.

It is difficult to come across a person who doesn’t overeat ambrosial food.

Toothsome is a synonym for ambrosial. You can use these words interchangeably. 


Scrumptious food: tasting extremely good.

Scrumptious food is also called yummy or lip-smacking.

Scrumptious food can become your weakness if you do not have self-control.

I often overeat scrumptious/delectable food.

The canteen always serves scrumptious/delectable food.

Delectable is a synonym for scrumptious. You can use these words interchangeably.


Flavourful (Adjective): containing a lot of flavors or having a good flavor

It is the most flavourful tea I have ever had.

My salad plate is always flavourful.

The best fruit cream has to be flavourful.

Can you get me a flavourful cake?

Flavoursome is a synonym for flavourful.  Flavourful and flavorsome can be used interchangeably. 


Filling: If the food is filling, you feel full after you have eaten only a little of it.

The snacks were filling.

I found the salad filling and could not eat much.

The pineapple cake was filling.

I think yummy food is never filling, and you keep eating it rather moreish (having a very pleasant taste and making you want to eat more)


Appetizing (Adjective): appetizing food looks and smells good so that you want to eat it

The soup looks appetizing.

Each dish is absolutely appetizing.

I cannot resist the temptation to eat appetizing food.

He surrendered to the temptation and eat the appetizing dessert.

Mouthwatering is a synonym for appetizing. You can use these words interchangeably.


Luscious:  (of food) containing  a lot of juice or having a pleasant sweet taste

The cake you prepared yesterday was luscious and divine.

You want these luscious grapes.

The pineapple I had yesterday was luscious/succulent.

I love eating luscious/succulent fruit and dishes.

Succulent is a synonym for luscious. You can use these words interchangeably.


Earthy (Adjective): Earthy food captures the natural and rustic qualities of a dish/food item

The wheat flour chappati was earthy and divine.

Carrots from your field were earthy and succulent.

Organic vegetables are earthy and mouth-watering.

The coriander chutney at your home was earthy and flavourful.


Synonym for delicious – Conclusion


Delicious food is also called ambrosial or toothsome

Scrumptious or delectable food tastes extremely good

Appetizing or mouthwatering food looks and smells good


Luscious or succulent is juicy and very tasty

Gourmet food is high-quality, refined, and expertly prepared

Divine food is heavenly and exceptionally delightful


Flavorful or flavorsome food contains a lot of flavors

Filling food makes you feel full

Earthy food captures the natural and rustic quality of food


You may write these words on a piece of paper and paste them on a wall. Look at them every day and use them in your verbal communication. Visit a couple of good restaurants and write detailed reviews about them using these words. Read popular reviews about different restaurants carefully and you will learn many new words to appreciate good food.


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