in the kitchen vocabulary

English vocabulary : Kitchen Utensils and Equipment

In the Kitchen Vocabulary 

If you are fond of cooking, you might want English vocabulary for kitchen utensils and equipment to talk about your passion.

You will also find in the kitchen vocabulary useful for everyday conversation in English. 

Here is a list of kitchenware and cookware you want to know:

S.No. Kitchen utensil/Equipment Hindi Meaning Group
1 Plate थाली Tableware  
2 Glass गिलास Tableware  
3 Cup प्याला Tableware  
4 Bowl  कटोरी Tableware  
5 Saucer रकाबी Tableware  
6 Serving bowl खाना रखने वाला कटोरा Serving utencils  
7 Serving spoon खाना परोसने वाला चम्मच Serving utencils  
8 Mug मग Serving utensils  
9 Ladle करछी Serving utensils  
10 Fork कांटा Silverware /cutlery  
11 Spoon चम्मच Silverware /cutlery  
12 Knife चाकू Silverware /cutlery  
13 Skimmer पौना Food preparation equipment  
14 Stir spoon हिलाने वाला चम्मच Food preparation equipment  
15 Turner पलटा Food preparation equipment  
16 Pestle मूसल Food preparation equipment  
17 Mortar ओखली Food preparation equipment  
18 Tongs चिमटा Food preparation equipment  
19 Measuring spoons मापक चम्मच Food preparation equipment  
20 Knife चाकू Food preparation equipment  
21 Peeler छिलका उतरने का यंत्र Food preparation equipment  
22 Grater  कद्दूकस Food preparation equipment  
23 whisk फैटने का यंत्र Food preparation equipment  
24 Rolling pin  बेलन Food preparation equipment  
25 Rolling board चकला Food preparation equipment  
26 Potato masher आलू मथने का यंत्र Food preparation equipment  
27 Garlic presser लहसुन दबानेवाला यंत्र Food preparation equipment  
28 Nut cracker  सुपारी काटने का एक यंत्र Food preparation equipment  
29 slicer स्लाइसर Food preparation equipment  
30 Blender ब्लेंडर Food preparation equipment  
31 Griddle तवा Cooking equipment  
32 Cooker रसोई बनाने का साधन Cooking equipment  
33 Frying pan तलने की कड़ाही Cooking equipment  
34 Vok  कड़ाही Cooking equipment  
35 Pan बरतन Cooking equipment  
36 Saucepan पकाने का बरतन Cooking equipment  
37 Toaster टोस्ट सेंकने का यंत्र Cooking equipment  
38 Faucet नल Misc kitchen items  
39 Food processor  साग सब्जी काटने की मशीन Misc kitchen items  
40 Colander  छलनी Misc kitchen items  
41 Can opener कैन खोलने वाला Misc kitchen items  
39 Food storage container पात्र Misc kitchen items  
40 Tray थाल Misc kitchen items  
41 Jar मर्तबान Misc kitchen items  
42 Tea kettle चाय की केतली Misc kitchen items  
40 Funnel कीप Misc kitchen items  
41 Apron तहबन्द Misc kitchen items  
42 Rubbish bin कूड़ा दान Misc kitchen items  
43 Dishwasher  बर्तन धोने की मशीन Misc kitchen items  
41 Sponge पानीसोख Misc kitchen items  
42 salt shaker नमक दानी Misc kitchen items  
43 Pepper shaker काली मिर्च की डिब्बी Misc kitchen items  
44 Pot मटका, पात्र , गमला Misc kitchen items  
42 casserole परात Misc kitchen items  
43 Sieve छलनी Misc kitchen items  
44 Strainer छलनी Misc kitchen items  
45 Lid ढक्कन Misc kitchen items  

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