personality traits list

Learn English vocabulary: Personality Traits List with Hindi Meaning

Your personality traits define you.

They play a crucial role in your personal and professional success.

Hence, you need to become familiar with positive and negative personality traits.

We often talk about other people such as friends, relatives, parents, siblings, teachers, seniors, bosses, colleagues, and client.

personality traits

To describe these people and their activities, we need personality traits so that we can talk about their strengths and shortcomings comfortably.

Personality Traits List

Here is a list of positive and negative personality traits with their respective meanings for you:

S.No. Personality Traits Hindi Meaning Group
1 Enthusiastic उत्साही Positive Trait  
2 Cheerful हंसमुख Positive Trait  
3 Focused ध्यान केंद्रित Positive Trait  
4 Energetic शक्तिशाली Positive Trait  
5 Hardworking मेहनती Positive Trait  
6 Diligent परिश्रमी Positive Trait  
7 Sincere ईमानदार Positive Trait  
8 Honest निष्कपट Positive Trait  
9 Proactive सक्रिय Positive Trait  
10 Visionary दूरदर्शी Positive Trait  
11 Perspicacious सूक्ष्मदर्शी , कुशाग्र बुद्धि Positive Trait  
12 Studious अध्ययनशील  Positive Trait  
13 Patient सहनशील  Positive Trait  
14 Goal-oriented लक्ष्य उन्मुखी  Positive Trait  
15 Responsible उत्तरदायी  Positive Trait  
16 Loyal निष्ठावान  Positive Trait  
17 Respectful सभ्य  Positive Trait  
18 Compassionate दयावान  Positive Trait  
19 Passionate उत्साही  Positive Trait  
20 Courageous साहसिक  Positive Trait  
21 Intrepid निडर  Positive Trait  
22 Articulate स्पष्ट  Positive Trait  
23 Confident आत्म विश्वासी  Positive Trait  
24 Cooperative सहयोगी  Positive Trait  
25 Open-minded खुले विचारों वाला  Positive Trait  
26 Resourceful साधन-संपन्न  Positive Trait  
27 Persuasive प्रेरक  Positive Trait  
28 Adaptable अनुकूलनीय  Positive Trait  
29 Determined निर्धारित  Positive Trait  
30 Flexible लचीला  Positive Trait  
31 Humble नम्र  Positive Trait  
32 Trustworthy भरोसेमंद  Positive Trait  
33 Punctual समयनिष्ठ  Positive Trait  
34 Competent निपुण  Positive Trait  
35 Organized संगठित  Positive Trait  
36 Generous उदार  Positive Trait  
37 Persistent हठी  Positive Trait  
38 Polite विनम्र  Positive Trait  
39 Conscious जागरूक  Positive Trait  
40 Even-tempered शांत  Positive Trait  
41 Adorable अति आकर्षक  Positive Trait  
42 Amicable दोस्ताना  Positive Trait  
43 Easygoing आरामपसंद  Positive Trait  
44 Humorous विनोदपूर्ण  Positive Trait  
45 Rational तर्कसंगत Positive Trait  
46 Versatile बहुमुखी  Positive Trait  
47 Warmhearted नेक  Positive Trait  
48 Lazy आलसी Negative Trait   
49 Inactive निष्क्रिय Negative Trait   
50 Illiterate अनपढ़ Negative Trait   
51 Dishonest बेईमान Negative Trait   
52 Talkative बातूनी Negative Trait   
53 Irrigative चिड़चिड़ा Negative Trait   
54 Dominating प्रभुत्व रखना Negative Trait   
55 short-tempered संयमहीन Negative Trait   
56 Impulsive आवेशपूर्ण Negative Trait   
57 Hostile शत्रुतापूर्ण Negative Trait   
58 Intolerant असहिष्णु Negative Trait   
59 Anxious चिंतित Negative Trait   
60 Stingy कंजूस Negative Trait   
61 jealous ईर्षालु Negative Trait   
62 Dogmatic कट्टर Negative Trait   
63 Greedy लालची Negative Trait   
64 Deceitful धोखेबाज Negative Trait   
65 Diplomatic कूटनीतिज्ञ Negative Trait   
66 Forceful सशक्त Negative Trait  




You need not memorize or cram these words or the personality traits list.

You can start using 3-4 words in your everyday conversation.

Once, you can use these four words confidently, you can take the next four words and repeat the same process.

Alternatively, you can start with words you already know well, but you don’t use them in your verbal and written communication.

You need to take a step-by-step approach to learn vocabulary or other skills.

Personality Traits for Career Success

You might need these personality traits in your resume.
personality traits list

You cannot know your strength by going through the above list of personality traits.

You need a particular tool to assess your personality.

You can also take a free personality test here to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing your strengths and weakness is important as it is one of the most common interview questions. 

Moreover, you might want to overcome or fix your shortcomings.

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