another word for stupid

Another Word for Stupid : 10 Options

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Another Word for Stupid

We often do a lot of madness in our life.

We also come across people who do foolishness.

The most common synonyms for madness are mindlessness, silliness, recklessness, imprudence, thoughtlessness and so on.

Here are some words related to mindlessness, stupidity, silliness, and foolishness you can use in your every day English conversation.

It is difficult to deal with obtuse people since obtuse people take fatuous decisions.

another word for stupid

Everyone repents fatuous decisions.

You should never hire obtuse people as one fatuous decision or plan can ruin your business.


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Obtuse: stupid or slow to understand, or unwilling to try to understand

  1. The person who came fix the tube light was obtuse.
  2. It is difficult to work with obtuse subordinates.
  3. You can work faster if all your teammates are obtuse.
  4. Obtuse people have a poor attitude.

Fatuous: stupid, or not carefully thought about

word for stupid

You can always expect an obtuse person to bring a fatuous idea.
This is a fatuous plan, and you need more time refining it.
An obtuse person makes fatuous decisions.

An obtuse person works in a frivolous manner, and people often call an obtuse person ‘a screwball‘. A Screwball person acts, speaks, and behaves frivolously.

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Frivolous: behaving in a silly way and not taking anything seriously

People who want everything free become frivolous.
If you work in a frivolous way, your boss will never trust you.
It is difficult for a frivolous person to excel in his or her career.
A good boss cannot adjust with frivolous subordinates.

Here is another word for stupid. 

Screwball: a person who behaves in a strange and funny way

another word for stupid

In Pagalpanti movie, Arshad Varsi played a screwball.
In every office, you can find a screwball.
People often make fun of a screwball.

You always expect foolery from a screwball or obtuse person since they love vacuousness. Nobody appreciates foolery or vacuousness.

Foolery: silly behaviour

Have you ever been rewarded for your foolery?
Foolery will not take you anywhere.
Foolery will prevent you from achieving your goals.

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Vacuousness: the quality of showing no intelligent thought

another word for stupid

I was not disturbed by his vacuousness.
The vacuousness of his writing spoiled his goodwill.
The vacuousness of his answer disappointed everybody.

Still looking for another word for stupid, here are some more options

We use dumb-ass, wanky, lumpen, and absurd words for stupid people or idea. Here are some sentences:

This is a dumb-ass, wanky, lumpen, or absurd plan.
We cannot accept this dumb-ass, wanky, lumpen, or absurd decision.

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