another word for success

Learn English Vocabulary: 12 Words and phrases for Success

What is another word for success?

Who doesn’t become successful and love talking about it? Here are 12 words and phrases to describe success with their respective meanings.

Have you ever met a person who does not want to go into orbit or make a splash?

I think it is true for everybody. Don’t you want to go into orbit or make a splash?

Let us understand the above phrases.

I will repeat these words numerous times since we learn many things through repetition only.

1. Go into orbit: to succeed quickly

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Everyone wants to go into orbit but success requires patience.
He wanted to go into orbit by launching an online business, but the business doomed since he never understood his client’s requirements.
If you want to go into orbit, you are looking for a shortcut to success.


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2. Make a splash: to become suddenly very successful and very well known

Hrithik Roshan made a splash with his first movie ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai.’
You can make a splash in business if you offer the best services or products.
My first book ‘Learn English through Hindi-English translation’ made a splash.

If you can outperform your rivals or nail your job, there are strong chances that you will go into orbit or make a splash?

3. Outperform: to do something better than others

another word for success
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You need to work hard round the clock to outperform your colleagues.
One needs momentum to outperform in any field.
She outperformed her classmates by paying attention to her teachers.
To outperform your business rival one needs to focus on customer relations and the quality of the product.

4. To nail means to do something very successfully

another word for success

You nailed the interview.
She nailed the presentation.
Ram nailed this project and surprised everyone.
I am supposed to nail this challenge.

However, you need to execute your work to reach the first base. In other words, to taste success or to reach the first base execution is the key.

5. Reach first base: to have the first achievement that is needed for later success

another word for success

He cannot even reach the first base; his business will never thrive.
After reaching the first base, she never stopped until she scaled the heights.
Forget about reaching the pinnacle of your career, you cannot even reach the first base if you remain lethargic.

  • 6. Execute: to do something in a planned way
another word for success

I executed the project before the timeline.
If you can execute your work, you can go places.
Planning is the first step only, learn to execute your job to scale the heights of your profession.

If you can execute your job and reach the first base, people often say “you will go places or your plans will go without a hitch,” You need to monomaniacal focus if you want to go places or you want your plans to go without a hitch.

7. Go place: to be likely to be successful

The new music band is very innovative and going places.
She offers so much value to her clients that she is bound to go places.
He gave up acting when he was going places.
You need to work hard on your craft if you want to go places.

8. Go without a hitch: to happen successfully without any problem

All his plans went off without a hitch.
Her birthday celebration went off without a hitch.
Your marriage function will go off without a hitch.
His exam will go off without a hitch.

9. Scale the heights: if you scale the heights in a particular type of work, you are very successful in it

She scaled the heights of her profession when she was 35.
He scaled the heights of training business by writing a bestselling book.
You can scale the heights of your business if you can contribute your best.

10. Sail through: to succeed very easily in something

He sailed through the monthly target within 25 days.
She sailed through the challenge given by her father.
I did not sail through my first interview.
She sailed through the hardware problem within 10 minutes.

11 Triumph: a great success, achievement, or victory

All developed countries have powerful weapons to triumph a war.
You can triumph a competition if you are ready to work hard.
She triumphed the contest because of her dedication.
They are working hard to triumph the election.

12. Thrive: to grow, develop, or become successful

Her business thrived because of her hard work.
Your business can thrive if your marketing works.
His business thrived because of his YouTube channel.
Many businesses can thrive if the government offers them subsidies.

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“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

— Henry David Thoreau

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