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How to Speak English Fluently in 10 Days – Step-by-Step Guidance

How to speak English fluently in 10 days?

If you had asked me this question 15 years ago when I was struggling to speak English fluently, I could not answer this question.

However, it is possible to achieve this goal if you have the willingness to speak English well, and you get the right guidance also.

You should either have a pressing need or an intense desire to speak English fluently in 10 days.

Pressing need means that you need a good command of English to get a high-paying job. In other words, you will lose lucrative job offers if you fail to improve your English Speaking Skills. Let us understand the meaning of intense desire through a story.


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A Story


I have heard about a boy who wanted to learn to swim.

He was very determined to learn swimming. After reading all the available books on swimming for ten years, and he could not learn to swim.

to speak english

He even watched many YouTube videos and attended many online training programs to learn the nuances of swimming. However, he never went to a river, canal, or swimming pool.

You may laugh without entering a canal or swimming pool; no one can learn to swim. Just think again, if you are also making the same mistake when it comes to English:

Have you been reading English since your childhood?

Have you been writing exams and other assignments in English since your childhood?

Have you been listening to people who are good at speaking English?

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When will You Start Speaking English?


If you want to speak English fluently in 10 days, you need to start it today. You have already wasted a lot of time.

What happens if you focus on reading and understanding?

Reading and understanding English will help you to understand English, but it will not improve your ability to speak English. With a good understanding, you will be able to write, but will not be able to speak.

 If you aspire to improve your English communication skills, start speaking English today.

speak english fluently

Hence, focus on speaking English equally to improve your speaking skills faster.

Many people think of improving English speaking skills once they start looking for a job, or they get a better job or promotion. 


Before I share any technique, you should be determined to speak English today itself.

Once you decide something, it becomes easier for you. I cannot provide you with any shortcut to improve your English speaking skills. However, I can aver that if you are willing to practice English speaking wholeheartedly; you will improve your speaking skills quickly.

Watch Professor Sumita Roy explaining the importance of practice:



If you want to speak English confidently, you should practice speaking every day without any delay and failure. If you are ready to practice English speaking day in day out, we can move to step one to improve your English speaking skills.

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#1Proven Tip to Speak English Fluently


speak english fluently


Are you looking for a proven tip to improve English?

You might have been reading books or watching videos to improve your English. I happened to devise the technique I am going to reveal. Let me tell you the story behind this technique.


I observed students who failed to improve their English speaking skills no matter what they did. They tried to repeat their daily routine. They did conversation practice using scripted questions and answers. However, they failed to speak English fluently.

They needed a simple technique to speak English well.  I will help you understand what you need to improve your English speaking skills. Here is a video explaining this technique:



This technique is called non-stop or nonsense practice. Please practice this technique 20-25 times for 2 minutes per round. Within an hour, you can experience the change.

Once you experience a little improvement, you can practice this technique for three to four days. The best part is that you do not need a partner for this practice. Once you are comfortable with this, you are ready for the second step. 


However, this blog will be incomplete unless you know the importance of English Listening Practice (click-me). Listening is the primary step to learn any language. Now, you are ready for the second step.

Small Scripts to Speak English Easily


speak english fluently

Practice English speaking using small scripts. You can easily memorize these small scripts. You can even change the content according to your convenience. You can also practice speaking small stories and jokes. You can also speak about any topic you are familiar with.

Here are 50 Topics for English Speaking Practice with Step-by-Step Guidance


Here is a sample script:

Let me share three tips to improve focus:

You may play your favourite games to improve your focus.

You may stay away from mobile, TV, internet, gadgets, and other distractions to improve concentration.

You may stare at one thing for five to ten minutes; this technique is also beneficial to increase concentration.


Instructions for practice:

Read the above script four to five times.

Practice the script five to seven times before a mirror.

Make sure you practice speaking English every day to get the best result.

The Third Step

Let me reveal the most effective technique to Improve English speaking skills

There is one technique to improve communication skills that every good speaker suggests. Let us understand the importance of the technique before I share it. When your parents tell you about a particular shortcoming you have, you hardly do anything to fix the shortcoming.


They always fail to convince you to improve or fix a shortcoming.  There is no mistake on your part as every child does this. However, when you are able to recognize a weakness or shortcoming by yourself, you can break your back to fix it.


speak english fluently

You work hard round the clock to improve your shortcoming or skills particularly when it is important for your career. Likewise, you may NOT accept the opinion of your friends, siblings, or colleagues if they offer feedback on your English communication skills.

speak english fluently

You need a tool to recognize or assess your communication skills every day.  That tool is video recording.  Make your video recording every day and observe your speaking skills. It is the most difficult job to convince yourself.

It will take you a couple of weeks or months when are you able to say, ‘It is the level of English communication I always wanted to have.’

How to Speak English Fluently in 10 Days – Conclusion


1. Start speaking English today. You may face little difficulty, but gradually you will feel comfortable speaking English.

2. You will start recognizing your mistakes and shortcomings, and you will take steps to improve the same.

3. Every day, you will improve your speaking through practice, and one day you will find yourself thoroughly confident.

Do you have any tip for other readers to speak English fluently? Don’t forget to mention it in the comment box.

Are You Good At Writing English But Struggle To Speak English Fluently?


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