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How to Speak English Fluently in 10 Days – Step-by-Step Guidance

Are you looking for a proven tip to improve English? You might have been reading books or watching video to improve English.


I will help you understand what you need to improve English speaking skills.


I have heard about a boy who wanted to learn swimming.


He was very determined to learn swimming.

After reading all available books on swimming for ten years, and he couldn’t learn swimming.

However, he never went to river, canal, or swimming pool.

You may laugh without swimming in a canal or swimming pool; no one can learn swimming.


Just think again, if you are also making the same mistake when it comes to English.



Do you speak English or you just read and understand?


if you want to speak English confidently, you should practice speaking every day without any delay and failure.


What happens if you focus on reading and understanding?

Reading and understanding English will help you to understand English, but it will not improve your ability to speak English.

With good understanding, you will be able to write, but will not be able to speak.


If you aspire to improve your  English communication skills, start speaking English today.

Reading and understanding will not solve your problem.

Hence, focus on speak English equally to improve your speaking skills faster.


Improving English is easy.

  1. Initially, you may face little difficulty, but gradually you will feel comfortable in speaking    English.

  2. You will start recognizing your mistakes and shortcomings, and you will take steps to improve the same.

  3. Every day, you will improve your speaking through practice, and one day you will find yourself thoroughly confident.


I would love to know your views.


Do you also have a proven tip to improve English speaking skills? Don’t forget to mention it in the comment box.


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...but always struggle to speak English fluently?

Your search is over! 

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