how to speak on any topic in English

How to speak on any topic in English

You may not know how to speak on any topic in English despite having good command of English language.

When you start learning English, you want to speak on different topics to leave a lasting impression.

Failing to do so, you feel frustrated and incapable. You might curse your atmosphere or teacher.

Anyway, that is not going to benefit you.

I am giving you a couple of tips so that you know with absolute clarity how to talk about a subject in English:


The foundation

Please keep in mind that the command of English does not mean that you will be able to speak on any given topic.

Suppose, you want to talk on ‘Air traffic control’ before a group of audience; Forget about your command of the English language; can you even present this topic in your mother tongue?

Can you speak on the nuances of missile technology as you have been listening about missiles for years?

The reality is that most of us will not be able to present this topic in any given language unless we have some experience or background in ‘air traffic control.’


Speak English doesn’t mean that you can present any topic

Can other literate and erudite people speak on this topic?

One of your teachers has excellent English communication skills, and you have seen her discussing a variety of subjects assertively.

You request her to present this topic called ‘air traffic control.

You could bet she will not be able to present this topic unless she got some experience or research on this topic.


A myth you need to get rid of to speak English fluently

When you learn your mother tongue, you happen to learn the easiest thing to start with.

Later, you begin speaking and discussing different social and other topics.

Then you start talking, debating technical topic also.

Can you imagine learning your mother tongue starting with topics missile technology, cooking, nuances of effective communication skills, teaching pedagogy and so on?

Many students think they should learn topic wise English speaking.

The truth is that you start speaking a language fluently and confidently; you can present any topic provided you know that topic well.

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How to Speak about any topic in English

If you can speak English well and want to present a topic, you should have some knowledge, experience or research of that topic.

Suppose, you want to talk on corporal punishment, and you have a little idea about this topic, you can watch talk shows, debate shows, and some experts speaking on this topic to equip yourself with better vocabulary and rich content.

Here are the links of a couple of videos on corporate punishment:

Please make sure, you watch these videos 3-4 times and take note of ideas, concepts, and new vocabulary.

Now, you know how to speak on any topic in English.

Apply these ideas to get the best result because bare understanding cannot transform you.

Once you follow and understand the above points, you will be able to speak on any topic in English.

You might want to know how to speak about yourself in English in a meeting or interviews.

I will write another post to explain this topic.

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