Tips to Speak English Fluently

7 Tips to speak English fluently

Here are 7 tips to speak English fluently that you need to improve your English speaking skills.

Focus on Listening

Listening will make you familiar with English vocabulary and sentence structure.

Remember, children learn everything through listening and copying others.

Listening skills are crucial to improve all aspects of English communication.

Concepts -A tip to Speak English Fluently

You should thoroughly understand tenses, modal verbs, and other concept to speak English confidently and comfortably.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand concepts yourself.

You may look for a good teacher or mentor who can teach English.

I can tell you English is a simple language to learn once you have right coaching and willingness to learn.

Learn to Emote

To build confidence in English practice different tone of voices.

Speak twenty sentences politely, next twenty with a high voice, following twenty in your regular tone and so on.

Remember in your mother tongue when you want to shout you shout, you want to whisper you whisper.

In English, you use the same tone of voice and this hampers your confidence level.

Practicing different sounds will give you extra confidence.

Speak English Slowly

Speak clearly and slowly.

Practice tongue twisters to develop clarity of voice and words.

If you speak clearly and slowly, people can easily understand you, and you create a good impression.

Watch Talk Shows and Debates

Watch programs where people speak English slowly.

In the beginning, you may not understand people who speak fluently, but you can easily understand people who talk slowly.

Additionally, you can also watch the interviews of business tycoons, politician, and celebrities.

Make Speaking English Your Priority

Learning grammar can’t make you speak English.

You learn speaking English when you speak English.

In the beginning, focus on speaking English clearly and slowly.

Next, concentrate on grammar and polish your English once you are comfortable at speaking English.

Describe Your Routine in English

The best way to speak English is to repeat your whole day.

Repeat everything like what you did, what you experienced and what you discussed with others.

Initially, you will take 10-15 minutes to repeat your whole day, and within 10-15 days you will start taking 20-30 minutes to repeat your whole day.

Once you are able to speak English for 30 minutes continuously, you will automatically become confident.

Hence, describing your routine is one of the simple and most effective practice to speak English Fluently.

Barely reading or understanding these 7 tips to speak English fluently will not help you much.

Please keep in mind that the application of these techniques will bring the real transformation.

You may come across many tips to improve your English speaking skills and fluency.

If you like a tip to improve English speaking skills, you should apply it.

You should practice it day in day out to improve your English communication.

Otherwise, you will simply waste your time reading those tips.

I always suggest my students to complete each section of my English speaking course thoroughly before moving to the next section to get the best result.

You can read my blogs posts in case you are looking for tips to speak English fluently.


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