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7 Simple Tips to speak English fluently

You want to know how to speak English fluently. No technique or tip will help you unless start speaking English.

When I say start speaking English, you can speak one or two sentences.

Start repeating small sentences when you read or understand a concept.

Let me take you through some examples.

Suppose, you learning modal verb ‘would’ and you come across following sentences:

Would you like to have tea?

Would you like to join my company?

Where would like to celebrate your birthday?

How would you overcome this challenge?

Speak every sentence three to four times. This practice will help you train your tongue to speak English easily.

Here is one more example.

Many times people around you use a particular sentence time and again. You have accidently memorized it.

 Speak these sentences three to four times before a mirror such as:

Your father says:

I want you to become more responsible.

Your friend says:

Whatever happens, it happens for a good reason.

Your father says:

You always forget your homework.

Your boss or trainer says:

Don’t waste your time. If you waste your time, you waste your life.

The best approach is to practice speaking new concepts you learn by reading a book or watching YouTube videos.

Here are the Top 11 Reasons You Fail to Learn English Speaking Skills

#1. Make Speaking English Your Priority

Learning grammar can’t make you speak English.

You learn speaking English when you speak English.

In the beginning, focus on speaking English clearly and slowly.

Next, concentrate on grammar and polish your English once you are comfortable at speaking English.

Never take the excuse of time. You always have one or two minutes to improve your English speaking skills.

Here is a simple and effective technique to speak English that you can practice in one-two minutes:

Do you want to know how to practice to speak English fluently?

Practice wholeheartedly. This approach will transform you.

I often tell my students to speak before a mirror for one minute whenever go to washroom and give your one hundred percent.

You might say, ‘I don’t have an atmosphere to speak English.”

Watch the video that explains how you can overcome this problem:

#2. Focus on Listening

If you asked me for the best piece of advice to learn English or a new language, I would say, “Listen to the speakers who are good at speaking English.”

Listening will make you familiar with English vocabulary and sentence structure

Remember, children learn everything through listening and copying others.

Listening skills are crucial to improve many aspects of English communication.

Everybody learns his her mother tongue by listening to people around him. Even an illiterate person can speak and understand his mother tongue.

For suggested listening practice, you can read my post English Movies to Learn English 

#3. Practice Translation

When you want to learn a new language, translation practice plays a significant role.

It gives you confidence to speak and write English.

I am not saying you need to have thorough understanding of all concepts before you start speaking English.

You don’t even have thorough understanding of your mother tongue.

We hardly use 2000-4000 words in our everyday conversation.

The translation practice helps you understand the right sentence structure and common grammar practice.

It also helps you overcome common grammar mistakes.

You need validation to speak English. In other words, you want to know if you speak correct English or not.

The translation practice provides you with a strong foundation to learn and speak English.

You can also get my Learn English Through Hindi-English Translation

You may look for a good teacher or mentor who can teach English.

I can tell you English is a simple language to learn once you have right coaching and willingness to learn. If you love watching videos, you can also get video training program English Speaking Course in Hindi.

#4. Learn to Emote

english speaking practice
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

To build confidence in English practice different tone of voices.

Speak twenty sentences politely, next twenty with a high voice, following twenty in your regular tone and so on.

Remember in your mother tongue when you want to shout you shout, you want to whisper you whisper.

In English, you use the same tone of voice and this hampers your confidence level.

Practicing different sounds will give you extra confidence.

You may also read Nonverbal Communication Skills: Definition and Examples.

#5. Speak English Slowly

Can you start running without learning walking?

Your obvious answer is ‘No’.

But most of us want to speak English fluently before we start speaking English.

I meet numerous people who say that they cannot speak English fluently.

When I ask them a couple of questions I find that they are not able to speak English at all.

You will automatically become fluent once you start speaking English.

Nobody teaches you to run.

Your parents teach you how to walk.

The day you are able to walk properly, you start running without any further training.

Hence, speak English clearly and slowly.

Once you are able to speak well, fluency will follow. 

#6. Describe Your Routine in English

If you want to know how to improve English Speaking skills, here is the solution

The best way to speak English is to repeat your whole day.

Repeat everything like what you did, what you experienced and what you discussed with others.

Initially, you will take 10-15 minutes to repeat your whole day, and within 10-15 days you will start taking 20-30 minutes to repeat your whole day.

Once you are able to speak English for 30 minutes continuously, you will automatically become confident.

Hence, describing your routine is one of the simple and most effective practices to speak English Fluently.

#7. How to speak English well – A Little Known Technique

Last but not least, here is one more simple technique to speak English easily.

I use this technique to make my students speak English easily from day one itself.

This technique is using small scripts to practice English speaking.

A sample script for English Speaking Practice:

Here are three things I want to do:

I want to go on a world tour as I traveling to new places.

I want to become a good public speaker so that I can speak confidently before a big crowd.

I want to learn singing as it my favorite hobby.


Read the above scripts four to five times.

Speak it loudly before a mirror five to seven times.

You can also make a video recording for better result.

You can refer to ‘English Speaking Practice for Beginners’ for small scripts. This book contains more than 50 small scripts for English speaking practice.


If you want to learn to speak English fluently, you need to experiment with these tips.

Please keep in mind that the application of these techniques will bring the real transformation.

You may come across many tips to improve your English speaking skills and fluency.

If you like a tip to improve English speaking skills, you should apply it.

You should practice it day in day out to improve your English communication.

Otherwise, you will simply waste your time reading those tips.

I always suggest my students to complete each section of Online English Speaking Course thoroughly before moving to the next section to get the best result.

Do you want me to add something to 7 Tips on How to Speak English Fluently?

What is your favorite technique to speak English fluently? Do mention it in the comment box. I would love to know your views.

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