how to improve spoken english

How to improve spoken English quickly – 3 Actionable Steps

We all want to know how to improve spoken English quickly since it is important for career progression.

However, we may not have the right technique to improve our English speaking skills. This post provides you with a simple and effective technique to improve your spoken English quickly. Sometimes, your parents, teachers, or bosses may tell you to improve an aspect of your personality.

how to improve spoken english

They might have made the same mistakes and paid the price for it. Now, they do not want you to commit the mistakes they had already made. They have the best intention to help you.

Their observation may offend you unless you realize that you have a particular challenge or problem.


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Let me take a contrary example. If you find out an improvement area, mistake, or shortcoming, you start working on it, and you work hard day in day out to improve it. Now, you deliberately look for the right direction or guidance to overcome the challenge you were to be recognized.

You take action to improve things when you think you have a real problem or challenge.


How to Improve Spoken English Quickly – The 1st Step

By reading this blog you have already agreed that you are looking for the right guidance to improve your English speaking skills. Now, you can take a small script for English speaking practice. Here is a sample script for you:

The Importance of English Communication

Let me tell you why English communication is essential:

You need a good command of English to face an interview and explain your views.

You also require effective English communication to write emails and reports.

Apart from that, you require English communication to present your opinion in a meeting or seminar.

Before You Make a Video Recording:


how spoken english improve


1.Read the above script 4-6 times so that you understand it completely.

2. Speak it before a mirror 4-5 times.

3. Once you are satisfied with your performance, make a video recording.

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Observe Your Video Recording – The 2nd Step

When your parents observe your shortcoming and share it with you, you may not concur or agree with it. You might ignore their observation. However, you cannot ignore your own observation. A video recording provides you with an opportunity to observe your body language, confidence, and expressions on your face. 

how spoken english improve

It also tells you about your improvement areas and mistakes in English communication.

Once you decide to improve your English speaking skills, you start asking yourself, “How to improve spoken English?” You want to know the concrete steps to improve English speaking abilities.

Here are 9 Amazing Tips to Improve Spoken English.

It tells you whether your body language is correct or not, i.e., spontaneous movements of hands, eye contact, a smile on your face, etc.

You can also observe how comfortable you are while speaking.

Through video recording, you can observe how confident you are while speaking or while making a presentation.

how spoken english improve

If you are not comfortable, people before you will never feel confident with you.

You can also observe the tone of your voice, and if you find any shortcoming in your voice, you can improve it. 

You can improve your spoken English or English speaking skills quickly by creating and observing your video recording.


When to Stop Video Recording Practice – The 3rd Step

I told one of my students to start video recording to observe and improve her English speaking skills. She got back to me after two days and said, “I did video recording twice and hated the outcome. How long shall I continue with the video recording practice.

how spoken english improve

I said to her, “The day you start loving your video recording, you can stop it.”

You can stop video recording practice once you are able to declare – I love my command of the English language. It is the level of English communication skills I always wanted to have. I am satisfied with my performance.

“Small steps in the right direction are better than big steps in the wrong direction.”  

How to Improve Spoken English Quickly – Conclusion

  1. Speak English and make a video recording every day.
  2. Observe different aspects of English communication skills by watching your video recording.
  3. Create and observe your video recording until you are satisfied with your performance.

Are You Good At Writing English But Struggle To Speak English Fluently?

email etiquette

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