What your boss wants or expects

What your boss wants

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Being a tyro, you may not understand what your boss wants or expects from you.

Having spent more than ten years in the industry, I can help you understand the mindset of your boss

What Your boss wants

Your boss wants you to listen to him attentively and deliver work according to his expectations; without listening to him, you can never understand his expectations.

If you fail to understand him, ask him to state his expectations clearly.

Your boss wants you to have expert domain knowledge so that you can contribute your best to the organization. You can continuously update your technical and soft skills to meet this requirement.

You need to complete your work on time since he also gets a timeline from his seniors and boss. Get rid of distractions to increase your productivity. Read my blog 3 Biggest Time Wasters to become more productive:

Your boss may have some other expectations also such as:

Your are supposed to deliver the paramount quality of work. To produce the best work, be your own critique.

Your boss wants you to become proactive i.e. neither does he want to instruct you every day nor does he want to remind you about your work deadline. Let me tell this the important personality trait to excel in your career.

Your boss wants you to be tech savvy because you need cutting-edge technology to deliver world-class results and grow in your career.

Your boss wants you to maintain healthy relationship with patrons, so that you can fetch more business for him.

Your boss wants you to be a good team player and communicator.

If you have good tuning with your boss, you can easily understand what your boss wants.


What you can do to understand what your boss expects or demands:

You should often converse with your boss to understand his requirement so that you can prepare and equip yourself to exceed his expectations.

Whenever you come across a problem you are not able to resolve, discuss it with your boss to find out a solution.

Give timely update to your boss so that he can help you achieve a goal.

Once you know what your boss wants or expects, you can contribute your best to your company.

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