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The Importance of English: Discover 10 Reasons to Learn English

The importance of English can be understood from the fact that most people aspire to speak English but fail to do so.

You cannot imagine joining a good company or educational institution without having a good command of the English language.

According to, there are around 1.27 billion people worldwide who speak English either natively or as a second language.

Many people learn English communication skills to settle abroad or to find a job opportunity in a foreign country.

Here are 10 prominent reasons to learn English:

The Importance of English Language for Career Progression

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I still remember one scientist who came to me about eight years ago.

He was reluctant to face interviews since he could not speak English well. He had been with the same company for more than five years. However, the company did not offer him the promotion and increment he deserved.

Moreover, he had a rich vocabulary, being a scientist and his only challenge was speaking English. I trained him for two months.

He called me after a couple of days and said, “A company in Hyderabad has selected me and offered a double salary.

I want to thank you for this transformation. You are the first person whom I have informed about this.”

You can clearly understand the importance of the English language for career progression through this real-life story.

Watch some success stories here:

The importance of the English language is not limited to getting your dream job. Here is the next reason for you to learn English.
the importance of english

Let us understand the importance of the English language to build confidence.

If everyone around you speaks English, you might start losing confidence.

I come across candidates who work for a company that has a team consisting of people from different regions or countries, and English is the most common language to communicate their ideas.

In case, you are not able to communicate in English, you need someone to convey your message, and that could be a challenge for you.

You might feel diffident when you cannot communicate with your colleagues directly.

You might use a translator on or other websites when you want to send a written message, but that will not help to improve your verbal communication. That is a temporary solution only.

The Importance of English Language for Upskilling


Career advancement comes with many opportunities including training.

You need to train your subordinates and other stakeholders to effectuate the work delivery up to the expectation of your company or client. Training people also require excellent English communication skills and technical skills.

You also train yourself by reading books and attending online training programs.

The majority of the training programs on and other popular sites are available in the English language only.

Email Writing


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It does not matter whether you are a businessman, or you work for a company, email writing is an integral part of your job. You might miss an excellent opportunity if your message is ambiguous or rude.

You fail to create a lasting impression through your writing if you make grammatical mistakes, or struggle with the sentence structure. and provide many training programs and books on this subject that accentuate the importance of email writing.

The Importance of English for A Better Job Opportunity

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The number one reason people look for an English speaking course is a better job opportunity.

I meet many job seekers and working professionals who want to polish their English speaking and writing skills to get a better job opportunity.

Once they get an excellent job opportunity or a good job offer, they tend to discontinue the course.

If you make this blunder of leaving your course or program in between, you might miss many exciting benefits and opportunities.

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English for Public Speaking

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English speaking is not mandatory for public speaking. You could be a great orator without having good English speaking skills. However, if your audience comprises people from different cultures and regions, they may fail to comprehend your message.

You can find most of the famous video websites offer captions for the English language only considering its popularity.

Tony Robbins ( is one of the most sought after public speakers across the world.

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Interaction with Stakeholders

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You may need to interact with your counterpart in a different region or country, and a good command of the English language will make you sound confident. Let me tell you about one of my students who couldn’t interact with his counterparts.

He came to me and said, “I need to polish my English speaking and writing skills; otherwise my company would fire me after three months as my company wants me to interact with my counterparts in South India and they cannot understand Hindi.”

As you progress in your job and career, you need to interact with different stakeholders, and English being a global language plays an important role in communicating your ideas

The Importance of English Language for Group Discussion

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Many reputed institutes and companies require you to participate in a group discussion as a part of their selection process, and a significant number of participants discuss their views using the English language only.

You can neither comprehend other participants nor can you asseverate your point without having a good command of English. Moreover, you participate in group discussion frequently once you join a good institution or multinational company to overcome a challenge or solution.

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Importance of English for Interview


Many times you sit before a group of interviewers.

You cannot expect each of those interviewers to understand your mother tongue since they may be from different states and countries. Apart from that, most of the companies expect you to have a good command of English as you might need to visit a foreign country also.

If you search for an excellent job opportunity on or other job portals, many companies require you to have effective English communication skills.

If You Love Reading Books

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If you are fond of reading motivational books and books from other genres, you know that most of the bestselling books are available in the English language.

Moreover, if you want to buy some general books to have advanced knowledge of a subject, most of these books are written in the English language only.

What is the Importance of English Language – Conclusion

Although the above reasons prove the importance of the English language, you need the enthusiasm to learn new skills.

If you fall in love with your work, you can easily overcome any obstacle.

You will be able to give your one hundred per cent if you possess enthusiasm.

Learn to do everything with love and enthusiasm.

Why do you want to learn English? Do mention in the comment box below.

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