another word for angry

Learn English vocabulary: 13 words to talk about anger

Searching for another word for angry? Here are 13 English words for angry that you can use in your everyday conversation:









Bursting with anger






When my friend shouted at me, I felt irritated (A little angry).

another word for angry
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I listened to him carefully and found he wanted me to do a piece of work. I did that work although I was annoyed (A little angry).

Note: for mild anger we can use two more adjectives such as miffed and peeved.

Furious: extremely angry

He started shouting at me again since he didn’t want to do any household chores, and I became furious (extremely angry).

another word for angry
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However, I do not feel furious without a strong reason. I asked him, “Why am I supposed to do everything?”


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Acrimonious: full of anger, argument, and bad feeling

He signaled me to leave his home, and I turned acrimonious as he invited me to stay at his home when I didn’t want to go there.

I think anyone will feel acrimonious if he/she is told to leave the place all of sudden without any valid reason.

argument, argue, fight

I left his home without a further thought.

He invited me for his birthday party after six months.

Rancorous: having a feeling of hate and continuous anger about something in past

By that time, our relation became rancorous, and I spoke to him as if I didn’t know him.

Having felt rancorous I could not say yes to him. I listened to him and hung up the phone.

Rage: a period of extreme or violent anger

I was full of rage (a period of extreme or violent anger) when I ended the conversation with him. I was bursting with anger (full of anger) after talking to him.

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Let us see some verbs to talk about anger.

Annoy/aggravate/irritate: to make someone angry

His poor attitude annoyed (irritated/aggravated) me.
It annoys (irritates/aggravates) me when someone fails to keep his or her promise.
Careless people always annoy (irritate/aggravate) responsible people.


We often use word ‘anger’ as a noun; however, the word ‘anger’ is also a verb.

His poor attitude angered me.
It angers me when someone fails to keep his or her promise.
Careless people always anger responsible people.

Aggrieve: to make someone unhappy and angry

The doctor’s response aggrieved the family.
The bad taste of food aggrieved me.
Standing in a queue for a prolonged time can aggrieve anyone.

Nark: to annoy someone

Don’t nark me.
He often narks his parents.


‘Nettle’ is also used to talk about slight anger.

His behavior always nettles me.
Continuous interruption nettled me.

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