vocabulary for daily routine

Important Vocabulary for Daily Routine – 26 Words

Vocabulary for daily routine is essential to describe your day. 

Many people speak their daily routine to acquire English speaking skills. You might want to share your routine with your friends, colleagues, and relatives. You need to know important English words to describe your daily routine. I have covered 26 words to talk about your routine. I will update this list shortly.

Vocabulary for Daily Routine – 26 Important Words in English

Snooze (button):  a button on your alarm clock that makes the sound stop so that you can sleep for a few minutesvocabulary for daily routine

I generally press snooze twice before getting up.

On Sunday, I press the snooze five to ten times.

She always gets up without hitting the snooze.



Freshen up: wash face, hands, and arrange hair

I reached home, freshened up, and had some snacks.

While you freshen up, I will prepare some food for you.

She freshened up, had a cup of tea, and started her work.




Chill out: To relax completely (or not to allow things to upset you)daily routine words in english

Who does not want to chill out on Sunday?

I am just chilling out.

Let us chill out and forget everything.



Reheat: to heat cooked food again

I reheat lunch on the stove. 

Can you please reheat the food?

She never forgets to reheat her food.


Hang out: to spend a lot of time in a place or with someone

daily routine words in english

I want to hang out with my friends.

I love to hang out at good hotels or resorts.

My father generally hangs out in a park.




Do dishes: clean glass, plates, and other utensils

I did the dishes ten minutes ago.

I hate doing the dishes.

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Do laundry: to wash dirty clothes, towel etc. I hate doing dishes. I hate doing laundry.

daily routine words in english

Our maid does dishes followed by laundry.

I used to do dishes and laundry when I was in Delhi.





Dress: to put clothes on yourself or someone else (esp. A child)

I usually bath and dress the child.

My wife baths and dresses the child.

My child needs someone to bath and dress her.

I bathed and dressed my child in the morning.

My mother bathed and dressed my daughter yesterday. Our maid bathed and dressed the kids on Sunday.


Bath: to wash in a bath or to wash someone in a bath

daily routine words in english


Nap: to sleep for a short time, especially during the day

Let me nap.

He is napping and I don’t want to disturb him.

I love to nap after coming home.


Sleep in: to sleep more than usual

I generally sleep in on Sunday.

She sleeps in whenever she has a little freedom.

Today, I want to sleep in.


Dress up: dress in smart or formal clothes

I dress up for the office and leave home.

After dressing up, I offer a prayer (I pray to God).

She dressed up for the office, packed her lunch, and left home.

My father dressed up for the party and called his friend.


Turn up the volume/turn down the volumedaily routine words in english

Can you please turn up the volume?

Please turn down the volume.

Who has turned up the volume?



Dropped off: to take someone to a particular place

I dropped off him at his office and went to the market.

She dropped off her kids at the school and came back home.

I think someone dropped off a package at my home.


Walk to: to go on footdaily routine english words

She will walk to the stadium.

I always walk to my office.

My father walked to the bus stand and boarded a bus.



Put on clothes: dress yourself or someone else

Put on your jacket.

Let me put on my shirt.

I will put on the ironed trousers after cleaning my room. Put on your shoes 

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Sweep:  to clean something, esp. a floor using a brush

daily routine english words

Let me sweep and mop the floor.

I never take a shower without sweeping the floor.

Sweeping and mopping the floor every day is mandatory in every hospital.



Take off clothes: to undress oneself

Take off your formal clothes and put on casual ones.

Take off your sweater as  It’s too hot outside.

Take off your watch or shoes.


Get back to: to talk to someone againdaily routine english words

I will get back to you in 15 minutes.

She said she would get back to me later.

He did not get back to me after our first meeting.


Hang up: to end a phone conversation

He hung up the phone without listening to me.

I will hang up now as someone is knocking at the door.

My boss hung up just before starting the meeting.


Put off: postpone

I did not want to put off my travel plan but I could not refuse him.

You should never put off an important meeting.

She often puts off her job and gets tongue-lashing from her boss.


Wrap up: complete something successfully or finish doing something

 I generally wrap up my work around 6 p.m.

She wrapped up her work and had a cup of tea.

I will wrap up the meeting and meet my boss.


Get off something: to leave a train, but, aircraftdaily routine english words

 I get off the auto and enter my office.

She gets off the metro and takes a bus to reach home.

I got off the bus and have a cup of tea.


Call off: cancel

I never call off my meetings.

She called off her wedding due to the pandemic.

The management doesn’t want to call off the New Year Party.


Dine out: eat outdaily routine english words

I love to dine out on Sunday.

Many of my friends dine out every day.

Pooja doesn’t want to dine out as she loves eating homemade food.


Sign off: to stop doing your work

I signed off for the day and left the office.

I will call you once I sign off.

She generally signs off around 7 p.m.

Vocabulary for Daily Routine -Conclusion

Write these words on a piece of paper and refer to them every day so that these words become part of your everyday conversation.

Speak your daily routine in front of a mirror using these words to become familiar with these words.

You can always search for more English words or advanced vocabulary to describe your daily routine on Google.


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