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50 Topics for English Speaking Practice with Step-by-Step Guidance

Finding the right topics for English speaking practice is one of the biggest challenges among English learners.

Many participants fail to learn English speaking skills because they don’t get the right guidance when it comes to topics for English conversation or speaking practice.

Let us learn the rules of the game before you touch on any particular topic to improve your English.

Here is the table of content covering some common concerns many English learners have:

What is the most important aspect of English conversation practice?


topics for english speaking practice


Improving your English conversation skills goes beyond the right topic.

Finding good topics for English conversation or speaking practice is only the first challenge.

People fail to improve their English communication skills despite having the best topics for conversation practice.

What is the SECRET?

If you do something wholeheartedly, you can experience great results shortly.

Keep in mind that you cannot improve your skills by being lazy or indolent.

You need to give your one hundred percent to get the best result.

I am not saying you need to practice English speaking for two to three hours.

I want to aver that even if you practice for two minutes, practice with complete enthusiasm.

You might ask me, “Can I practice English conversation in two minutes?”

Yes, I always suggest my students practice English speaking for two minutes seven to ten times a day.


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speak english without hesitation


How can You Improve Your English Speaking Skills Every day?

Speak English every day to improve your English conversation skills.

Momentum is the most important factor to improve any skill.

You might not do well for a couple of days. However, you will start improving your English speaking skills in a few days.

If you happen to practice something every day, you become more confident at it gradually.

Remember, you become proficient at a particular subject because you do it regularly.

You become a champion at a particular sport because you practice it day in and day out.

You become an expert at your job since you learn the nuances of your job every day.

What Are Some Best Apps for English Speaking Practice?

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You can easily search for popular apps to learn English on Google Play.

However, installing an app can make you speak English.

It would help if you made sure the app or course contains maximum assignments for practice.

Many apps teach you English grammar, English communication skills, and English conversation.

You can become proficient at speaking English if you speak English most often.

You need to make sure you complete all speaking practice modules.

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Ensure you complete all the sections of a course to get the best result and get in touch with the trainer for your specific query or challenge.

Where can you find topics for English Conversation Practice?

It is effortless to find topics for English-speaking practice. You can day observe your day and life closely to choose this topic. Here are some examples:

  • Your favorite teacher/person/celebrity/politician
  • What do you like the most about your father/mother?
  • Your most memorable incident
  • The most important learning from your first job/school/college
  • One mistake you don’t want to repeat.
  • Whom do you love the most and why?
  • What is your definition of success?
  • Your experience with a particular restaurant or city
  • How do you spend your day

You can choose similar topics easily. You can also talk about your hobby, passion, and profession. Unlock your full English conversation potential with my bestselling book English Speaking Practice: Improve Your Speaking Skills Quickly from Amazon:

How to Start English Conversation Practice

You may never start speaking English if you create hurdles by yourself.

Let us understand a simple approach when you want to explain or present a topic in English.

Try to speak a few sentences about a topic.

Don’t be much obsessed with grammar and other nuances of presentation skills.

Once you start speaking English, you will keep improving it every day.

Let me show you one of the easiest topics for English-speaking practice:

My Struggle for the First Job

I struggle a lot to get my first job.

I knew nothing about job interview skills, body language, and tricky & common interview questions.

I didn’t even think about my strengths and weaknesses.

My English communication skills were poor.

My first three interviews were only three to five minutes long.

I faced multiple rejections for a couple of months.

Once I improved my English communication skills, I was able to get my first job.

You might lose your confidence when you fail to explain a topic confidently.

First of all, nobody expects you to know everything about a particular topic.

Second, you can speak about any topic in English with little guidance.

You can read ‘Discover How to Speak on Any Topic in English’ if you always struggle to explain your topic.

Here are 50 Topics for English Speaking Practice

1. My struggle for the first job

2. Repeat your yesterday

3. Your experience with corporate

4. Your childhood

5. Your school days

6. Your college days

7. Funniest incident of your life

8. Your experience with corporate

9. One mistake you do not want to repeat

10. Your learning from corporate experience

11. Story of your choice

12. Story of your choice

13. Story of your choice

14. Story of your choice

15. Story of your choice

16. Unforgettable incident of your life

17. Unforgettable incident of your life

18. Unforgettable incident of your life

19. About a teacher

20. About your parents

21. About your sibling

22. About best friend

23. Your boss

24. Your company

25. A place you visited recently 

26. About your hometown

27. How to make chapatti

28. How to make pulao

29. How to make butter paneer masala or any other recipe

30. Three benefits of workout

31. Three learning from your experience

32. Three tips to improve English

33. Three most important things a beginner should know in your


34. Five jokes of your choice

35. Conversation with a friend

36. Conversation with a client

37. Conversation with your boss

38. Explain your job

39. Explain your job/work

40. Explain your job/work

41. Guide someone on how to reach your hometown

42. How to maintain good tuning with your boss

43. Tell how you became the most successful actor in the industry

44. Tell how you became the most successful businessman in

the industry

45. Tell how you became the most successful politician 

46. Scold your audience for three minutes

47. Speak nonsense

48. Speak about a challenge you have and its consequences

49. What is more important in life, love or electricity?

50. Non-stop practice

Here is a sample non-stop practice for you:

You can also find some great books on Amazon that contains topics for English conversation practice.

It is your turn to take action. You can use the above topics for English speaking practice to improve your English communication.

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