steal time to earn money

Steal Time to Earn Money

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How to steal time to earn money as most of the working professionals have scarcity of time?

If you are a working professional or running your own business you often feel lack of time to learn new things which multiply your earning ability.

You can steal time to earn money or to hone your existing skills


I am going to share a step by step formula which will decrease your working hours, increase productivity and still you will have time to learn more and earn more.

Here is the formula:

Divide your 9 working hours in 9 parts on a piece of paper.

Record time you wasted every hour (waste time can be time spent in gossiping with colleagues, making personal calls, checking personal mails, chatting or doing personal work , spending time on social networking sites etc.

Record time you spent in unimportant work, personal work or thinking (taking no action/doing no work)
Repeat above exercise for 2-3 days.

You will surely get 2-3 hours that you can use to improve existing skills or learn new skills which will help you to earn more.

Also take care

  • You start your day with 10-20 minutes planning so that you can spend your day wisely.
  • Complete your most important task on priority once you start your day; this will make you will office on time and without any tension.
  • Do something everyday that will increase your market value such as improving technical skills, communication skills, or other job skills.

Don’t squander time.

Invest or use time wisely so that you can get the best return on it.

Everyone has same 24 hours.

Most successful people around the world use these hours to create what they want.

However, they develop the habit of investing their time wisely.

They may not take unnecessary calls or real all their emails.

They tend to delegate or outsource least important work.

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