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For 14 years, Yogesh has been helping people improve English speaking and other career skills to increase their earning potential. He offers 6 online courses on Udemy where he serves more than 17500 participants.

Udemy is one of the largest online educational platforms in the world. They offer over 213,000+ courses and more than 59 million+ learners. 

Effortless English Speaking in 3- 4 Months – Learn How to Speak English Fluently Like A PRO Without Joining an Institute
Best course to learn and improve english communication through unique techniques and practice assignments.
Sagar Kathuria
Student at Udemy
Learn English Speaking & Writing Easily through Hindi English Translation-English Speaking Course in Hindi for Beginners
This course is amazing. It's cover all the concepts beautifully. I am fully satisfied with the course material.
Student at Udemy
Master The Art of Job Interview Preparation & Get your dream job – Prepare for Your Next Interview in 30 Days
it boosted my morale to face interviews, and I cracked next two interviews one after another.
Student at Udemy
Write Faster & Effective Emails – Examples, Format & Etiquette – Professional Email Writing Masterclass for Beginners
The course content is very useful to articulate the business email. Thank you.
Student at Udemy
Face People Confidently, Become Solution-Oriented, and Speed-up Your Career Growth, – Self-Confidence Mastery Course 2023
It is very motivating to transform myself. With in one week I started seeing positive results.
Suchitra Sahoo
Student at Udemy
Attain Spoken English Mastery in 17 Simple and Proven Steps Without any companion – English speaking crash course Step-by-Step
It has been a good experience so far.I think practice assignments will help me achieve my goal.
Student at Udemy

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Learn English Online Courses - FAQs

Yes, we provide you with one-month money-back guarantee on our online spoken English course. You can also watch some demo videos on our website to become familiar with our teaching pedagogy or style.

We used to offer live online classes about two years ago. Many students found it difficult to connect online at a particular time due to different schedules.

To resolve this challenge, we started offering recorded classes so that you can learn according to your pace and convenience.

Yes, you can learn English speaking skills beyond any doubt. Most of the people who look for an English speaking course or class come from Hindi medium schools or background.

Yes, you can watch preview videos before joining the course. Please click on the respective course and go to the course content to watch the preview videos.

Moreover, you can watch our hundreds of YouTube videos.

Additionally, you also get one-month money-back guarantee.



Here are some primary reasons to choose “UrCareer Gurgaon”

We are one of the most trusted institutes on Google.

Let me give you some more reasons to join us:

1. We cater to job seekers and working professionals primarily so that you can get better jobs and career opportunities.

2. You will get round the clock access to the online course even when you take a break due to any personal reason.

3. You get continuous updates even after completing the course.

4. We can take free demo sessions and watch YouTube videos before joining the course to make sure you make the best decision.

5. We not only equip you with English speaking and writing skills but we also prepare you for advanced career opportunities.

6. I have been helping people to develop English speaking and other career skills for more than 12 years. I am also a corporate trainer and a chartered accountant

All our online courses include study material you need to learn and practice the subject.

First of all, you can watch our demo videos to make sure you are making the right decision.

You can read our blogs and apply a couple of tips to make sure you choose the right trainer and institute.

You can also join one of our online courses which come with one-month unconditional money-back guarantee.

There are two options to discuss your queries:

1. You can send us your queries through Udemy.

2. You can send your queries to

Most of our students are either working professionals or job seekers. We have also conducted communication skills training at many schools, colleges, and companies.

You need not wait to speak English until the completion of the course. If you do not see visible improvement in your speaking within 15 days, your can claim full refund.

There will be no miracle after completing your course to make you speak English. You will experience gradual improvement from day one.

I meet many students who do not want to enroll in the online classes, and they never tried online classes previously. I can understand this fear.

One of my students joined four institutes to learn English. He called me and said, “I joined four institutes to learn English, but I never got the right guidance. I have watched your videos on YouTube and got the confidence to learn English once again. I can come to Gurgaon on weekends only. How will I continue my course during weekdays?”

He was also reluctant to join the online English speaking classes. Having joined four institutes, he opted for the online classes. He became comfortable at speaking English within four months. Not only he learned English but also doubled his salary in the next job.

Let me tell you most of the online classes offer one-month money- back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can claim a refund. You could try it as there is nothing to lose; you might get the best teacher and guidance you have been searching for.

You can also check the trainer’s credentials and course’s review before joining an online course. You can make a wise and informed decision.

You do not need a lot of money to learn English. If you are weak at speaking and writing English, you can start with our online course ‘Learn English through Hindi’

If you are good at writing English, you can start with ‘Online English Speaking Course.’

The investment of these programs is Rs. 1000 each with lifetime access and updates. Moreover, we also offer one-month money-back guarantee on our online courses.

After completing CA, when I was looking for my very first job, many companies rejected me because I could not speak English fluently and confidently. I improved my English speaking skills to land a good job.

Everyone has many different reasons for it. Here are common objectives to improve English communication skills.

You want to speak English confidently before your interviewer so that you can a better job

You need English communication skills to get the next position or promotion.

Your company may send you to a foreign country where you need good command of English.

Your company wants you to develop English speaking skills so that you can interact with your counterparts in a different city or country.

You frequently need to write professional or formal emails.

You require making presentations before different stakeholders.

You often participate in group discussion or meetings where you need effective English communication skills.

Every day, I come across students who have been watching YouTube videos for years to learn English. Most of them fail to master English speaking skills and look for a trainer or institute.

Yes, you can get countless videos to learn English. However, all these videos and resources are scattered and unorganized. You need months to arrange these videos in order.

Additionally, you do not have many practice assignments to develop your English communication skills. The purpose of these videos is to connect with the audience so that you can reach a good teacher or coach.

Working professionals often face the above challenge due to a hectic work schedule and commuting hours.

We have created ‘Online English Speaking and Personality Development Program’ to overcome this challenge.

You can join our weekend sessions, and also enroll for the online sessions so that you can get 24 hours access to the course.