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I can understand your pain

Have you experimented with many techniques to speak English fluently?

You might have joined the best online English speaking course in India to improve your English communication. 

You might have read many books and watched many YouTube videos to improve your English speaking skills. 

HOWEVER,  YOU STILL STRUGGLE to speak English fluently and confidently.

Find out what makes it one of the best online English speaking courses in India.

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6 Unique Reasons to Join Online English Speaking Classes

24 hours access

You can learn English anywhere if you learn English online.

Free Demo Videos

You can watch demo videos before joining the online English speaking course.

A Comprehensive Course

The course includes English speaking, communication skills, vocabulary, &other aspects.

For Professionals

The course has been designed considering the need of job-seekers and professionals.


The course comes with one-month money-back guarantee.


Online English speaking classes are pocket-friendly.

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9 Stages of Course Improvement During Last 12 Years

Online English Speaking Course - Process

In 2008, I started teaching English speaking skills to professionals by making them practice open-ended questions and answers.

Many students struggled to speak English using open-ended questions since they were not habitual of speaking English. Hence, I included non-stop practice to make them speak English easily.

A few participants needed small scripts to speak English. Therefore, we included small scripts to practice English speaking.

Mother tongue influence commonly known as MTI was a big challenge for many students. Thus, we included listening and tongue twister practice to overcome this problem.

Most of the professionals often find it difficult to explain their ideas. We started teaching articulation skills to deal with this problem.

To make their communication more effective, I started teaching the nuances of effective communication skills.

Many professionals love improving their English vocabulary for everyday conversation. You can start improving your vocabulary by vocabulary videos time and again.

I have also included lectures on common pronunciation mistakes so that you can fix your pronunciation mistakes easily.

The  online English speaking course also includes common grammar mistakes, blunders of non-verbal communication, and many other aspects of English communication skills.

Why it is one of the Best Online English Speaking Courses in India

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn spoken English without joining any course?

You can English or other skills by yourself. However, learning it by yourself can be a time-consuming task. The right direction makes a lot of difference.

We go to the best schools, join premium coaching classes, and learn from extraordinary trainers to accelerate the learning process. Once you start upskilling yourself regularly, you can easily understand how right direction helps you save a lot of time and money.

Yes, these courses are helpful beyond doubt.

How would I learn English Online without conversation practice?

I often come across students who allege, “I cannot develop the command of the English language through online classes as there is no conversation practice in online English speaking classes.”.

If your online concern is conversation practice, you need not join any course. You can speak to your colleagues, siblings, customer care executives, and other people.

You can download the ‘Opentalk’ app to converse with people around the Globe and improve your English speaking skills. You start speaking your mother tongue before you start a conversation.

You can start a conversation once you are able to speak English well. Online classes help you learn English skills at home. Once you are able to speak English proficiently, you can converse with anyone. Speaking always comes before the conversation.

Moreover, once you get the right direction, you can easily start English speaking practice to speak English fluently. If you want to learn spoken English at home, the online course is the need of the hour.



Is it possible to learn English speaking skills online? 

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn English speaking skills online or offline, you need to follow the following tips:

  • Consistency plays a vital role to improve any skill. Make sure you speak English every day to get the best result.

  • Whenever you have a challenge, discuss it with your trainer.

  • Last but not least, listen to people who are good at speaking English every day as everyone learns his or her mother tongue by listening to people around him or her.