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Are you good at

...but always struggle to speak English Fluently

Have you experimented with many techniques to speak English fluently?

Have you joined online spoken English classes or face-to-face English speaking courses to improve your English communication?


Have you read many books and watched many YouTube videos to improve your English speaking skills?


HOWEVER,  YOU STILL STRUGGLE to speak English fluently and confidently.

online English speaking course

to Speak English Fluently

How We have Improved This Course During Last 12 Years

English speaking course

In 2008, I started teaching English speaking skills to professionals by making them practice open-ended questions and answers.

Many students struggled to speak English using open-ended questions since they were not habitual of speaking English. Hence, I included non-stop practice to make them speak English easily.

A few participants needed small scripts to speak English. Therefore, we included small scripts to practice English speaking.

Mother tongue influence commonly known as MTI was a big challenge for many students. Thus, we included listening and tongue twister practice to overcome this problem.

Most of the professionals often find it difficult to explain their ideas. We started teaching articulation skills to deal with this problem.

To make their communication more effective, I started teaching the nuances of effective communication skills.

Many professionals love improving their English vocabulary for everyday conversation. You can start improving your vocabulary by vocabulary videos time and again.

I have also included lectures on common pronunciation mistakes so that you can fix your pronunciation mistakes easily.

The course also includes common grammar mistakes, blunders of non-verbal communication, and many other aspects of English communication skills.

A Complete English Speaking Course

How this course will Benefit you

Course Details
  • Speak English Easily
  • Become a Better Communicator
  • Get Better Vocabulary for Everyday Conversation
  • Correct Your Silly Grammar Mistakes
  • Improve Your Pronunciation
  • Explain Your Ideas Confidently By learning Articulation Skills
  • Get Rid of Body Language Blunders
  • Reduce Your Mother Tongue Influence
  • Send Your Queries Online
  • Simple Practice Assignment
  • Most Suitable for Working

5 core Benefits - Online English Speaking Course

The online English speaking course will help you improve the following aspects of English communication skills

Speak English Fluently

Learn to speak English fluently and create a great impression everywhere.

Communication skills

Build stronger relationship by improving your communication skills.


Learn better vocabulary for everyday conversation and speak confidently.


We all make silly pronunciation mistakes. Let us fix those mistakes.

Articulation skills

Learn to explain your ideas and fix stupid grammar mistakes. Additionally, know and fix body language blunders.

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One of the Best Online English Speaking Classes in India

6 reasons this course is different

24 hours access

24 hours access as professionals always have shortage of time.

Free Demo Videos

You can watch demo videos before joining the course.

A Complete Course

The course includes English speaking, communication skills, vocabulary, &other aspects.

For Professionals

The course has been designed considering the need of jobseekers and professionals.


The course comes with one-month money-back guarantee.


Our courses range from Rs. 499 to Rs. 799 only.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two options to ask queries:

You can send us your queries through Udemy.

You can send your queries to

Most of our students are either working professionals or job seekers. We have also conducted communication skills training at many schools, colleges, and companies.

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