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The Magic of Right Attitude

“Whatever happens, take responsibility” – Tony Robbins

Do you know the magic of right attitude?


Observe yourself in the following situations, you always have two options:


When you are late for an appointment:

A. You may blame your alarm clock, traffic signal or other people.

B. You may accept your own responsibility and fix your problem.


When you are not healthy

A. You blame your surroundings or situations.

B. You may make changes in your eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle.


When you are not good at a skill or language:

A. You may blame your parents, teachers, and organization.

B. You may improve it by learning it day in day out.


When you fail to complete your task:

You may blame your boss, company, or environment.

You complete your task with determination and monomaniacal focus.


When you are blaming, you are saying you are powerless, helpless and can not change a situation

Do you want to adjust with this attitude; I think certainly not.


When you accept responsibility, you become more powerful.

You are going to make best effort to change a situation.

When you do something wholeheartedly results are always good.

Here is a story you can watch to develop right attitude:


The magic of right attitude gives you the best return in short-run and long-run.

You are going to spread positive energy, and people will treat you and respond you positively.


And most importantly, when you take responsibility for your actions/ work,  you can expect others to take responsibility for their work.

  • When you take responsibility, you stop blaming others.

  • Not blaming others makes you feel the most positive and energetic.

  • Being the most positive and energetic, you realize all your potential to create wonders.

Do you always take responsibility when a problem occurs or blame others?

Do you want to be proactive, powerful, responsible?

Do you want to contribute your best?

I would love to read your views.

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