how to speak fluent english without hesitation

How to Speak Fluent English without Hesitation

If you do not know how to speak fluent English without hesitation or fear, you will fail to communicate your ideas in English despite completing a speaking course. Speaking English without hesitation is the biggest challenge for English learners.

You need to understand the root cause of hesitation to overcome it.

Why You Hesitate to Express Your Thoughts


how to speak english without hesitation

You always hesitate to speak English since you are afraid of making mistakes. You always compare yourself with learned speakers. You feel that people will make fun of you if you commit a mistake.

Does it mean that you need to have a thorough understanding of English grammar before you start speaking English?

Many institutes focus primarily on grammar to make you speak English confidently. You have already learned grammar for years during your school and college days, and you happen to join a coaching institute for two to six months only.

If you could not master English grammar in a couple of years, how you can improve it within a few months.

What is the right solution if the grammar is not enough to speak English?

how to speak english fluently without hesitation

A child can speak his or her mother tongue without going to school. 

An illiterate person can speak his or her mother tongue without reading books.

How do they learn their mother tongue?

What should we learn from children and illiterate people to gain confidence in speaking English?

If they can speak English without hesitation, you can too. Before I tell you about the solution let me take you through one expectation you might have.


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Can Your Teacher Help You to Speak English Confidently?


how to speak english fluently without hesitation
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Many participants think that their teacher will point out each mistake and help them fix their mistakes. It is indeed one of the best solutions.

However, a teacher cannot accommodate more than seven students because it is impossible for a teacher to give individual attention to many students. Moreover, the teacher might feel exhausted or tired after every session.

Additionally, it takes time to discuss mistakes.

Here are the most common English grammar mistakes.

Let me take you through the first tip on how to speak fluent English without hesitation or fear.

How I Learned to Speak English without Hesitation


how to speak english without hesitation

When I was struggling to improve my English speaking skills, I also hesitated a lot. I could not figure out how to speak English without hesitation. I did not dare to speak English despite revising tenses, modal verbs, and other concepts of grammar. No matter what I did I could not overcome my hesitation.

I thought I would never speak English confidently.


The Solution

Every beginning has an end. I finally got the solution. I started listening to people who are good at speaking English. I could immediately validate everything I knew. I was able to recognize my mistakes.

When you listen to a good speaker, you automatically validate or disapprove of what you know.

Taking the example of your mother tongue, you can immediately recognize your mistakes since you have been listening to so many people who speak your mother tongue or first language.

If you want to know one of the best tips on how to speak fluent English without hesitation, English listening practice is the best solution.

Tips for English Listening Practice


I have been observing students for years. Most of the students do not get the right guidance for listening practice. Let me take you through a couple of mistake students make:


Watching English Movies

You might start watching English movies to improve your listening skills.

English movies cannot help you much unless you have the right guidance because you are more focused on watching movies instead of developing your listening skills.

You can also read my blog Step-by-step Guidance for English Listening Practice.


Watching Different YouTube Videos

You may watch different YouTube videos to improve your listening skills.

You may keep watching different speakers, celebrities, teacher, or business tycoons and find no improvement in the end.

Moreover, many students watch eight to ten different speaker every day to improve their listening skills.


What is Your Mistake?

When you start English listening practice, you cannot understand everyone easily.

When you try to improve your listening skills by watching different speakers, you struggle to understand each of them.

You don’t even get enough time to develop listening skills when you listen to many people.

Everyone uses a different vocabulary, and their pronunciations also vary.

Here are the Top 11 Reasons You Fail to Learn English


What is the Right Approach for English Listening Practice?


What is the right approach for English listening practice
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  • Listen to ONE celebrity, business tycoon, actor, or politician for ten to fifteen days for thirty to sixty minutes every day, and your level of understanding and confidence will improve quickly.
  • You can start listening to the next speaker after ten to fifteen days and follow him or her for the next fifteen days.
  • Likewise, you should listen to every speaker for fifteen days for a half-hour to an hour.


This approach will help you understand their pronunciation easily, and you will become familiar with their vocabulary. Everyone has a different set of vocabulary. When you listen to a person for fifteen days, you get the hang of new English words easily.


You will also become familiar with his sentence structure and other attributes of English communication skills. You may follow the above process for a couple of months.

Listen to a good speaker every day to speak English confidently.


Once you are good at understanding the English language, you can watch as many people every day as you want. You may also read ‘English Listening Practice: Listen to Everyday Real English and Get the Practice You Need

How to Speak Fluent English with confidence


how to speak english fluently without hesitation

If you want to know how to speak fluent English without hesitation or fear, you need to learn something from an athlete.

An athlete does not perform before the public unless he is able to convince himself. He works hard round the clock to polish his talent. He outdoes his opponents when it comes to practice. When he performs before the public, people say:

He is God-gifted or lucky.

No one is lucky or God-gifted.

People who are good at their job or craft, create it through relentless hard work.

how to speak English fluently without hesitation

Many of us want to speak English without hesitation to impress others quickly. I encourage you to start speaking English before a mirror or camera before you start speaking with your friends, colleagues, and other people around you.

Keep speaking before a mirror or camera unless you are able to say, ‘This is the kind of English communication I always wanted to possess.’

If you want something, you should be willing to pay the price.

Now, you understand with absolute clarity how to speak fluent English without hesitation or fear, it is your turn to take action. 


How to Speak Fluent English without Hesitation – Conclusion


1. Nothing happens when you understand something. If you want to experience change, improvement, or transformation, you need to take action. 

2. Hence start listening to one person every day and be a mad listener.

3. Speak English confidently before a mirror or camera every day without any delay or failure.

4. Observe yourself through video recording and keep improving yourself.

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Are You Good At Writing English But Struggle To Speak English Fluently?


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