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How to Learn English Speaking at Home

HOW to learn  English speaking easily at home?

I did my schooling at a Hindi-medium school. I hardly got any exposure to English during my graduation. Having completed graduation, I started the chartered accountancy course. 

These four years were full of frustration pain, and struggle since I did not have a good command of English. I could hardly understand English conversation by the time I completed CA. Although, I worked hard to learn English speaking skills.

Now, I started searching for my very first job, and I was rejected everywhere since I could not speak English confidently.

My struggle to learn English


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I stopped taking calls from placement consultants since they would also converse in English, and I could not even speak two sentences.

Facing interviews became a phobia for me. I was ashamed as I could not land a job despite getting a prestigious degree.

I could not figure out how to learn English speaking. I hesitantly went to one of my teachers and narrated the problem to him. I was so afraid and reluctant that I started shivering while talking to him.

He consoled me by saying, ‘This is a normal problem, and many people struggle to speak English fluently.

You can start English speaking before the mirror and watch English program on TV.’

I followed his advice. I used to practice English speaking day in day out.

to learn english speaking

I also watched a couple of debate shows and talk shows to improve my pronunciation.

I kept implementing these two steps for two months and found some improvement in my speaking skills.

I was still not very confident to face people and take calls.

Having spent two months and made a little improvement, I decided to join an English speaking course to develop English communication.


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The First Institute

My friend and I joined an English speaking program in Delhi. The teacher taught us tenses and grammar for one month, and we had no exposure to English speaking. One day I said to her, “It happens to be a two-month course, and we have not yet started any speaking practice.”

She tactfully diverted the topic and continued with what she had been teaching. We again asked the same question twice. She said she would start conversation sessions very soon. Upon completing the course, we realized that we could revise tenses and grammar. Both of us felt cheated.

learn english speaking

The Second Institute

We decided to take one more chance as we needed English speaking skills to jump-start our career. The second institute also had a similar approach as they started teaching us tenses, modals, and grammar.

I thought we would never learn English speaking as we studied these concepts for years during our school and college days. Had English grammar been a deciding factor to speak English, we would have learned English speaking previously.

When we discussed our challenge with the management of the institute, they assured us of starting a conversation and group discussion sessions.

to learn english speaking

When they started the conversation sessions, we came to know that our teacher didn’t even know the nuances of effective communication skills or speaking. He just encouraged us to speak more.

After two months, the second course got over without any significant improvement.

The Turning Point

One day when I was browsing different websites, I came across Brian Tracy. I read his blogs on communication skills for two days. I was so impressed that I decided to buy one communication skills training program by Brian Tracy.

This program taught me some nuances of good communication skills.

I practised the tips offered by the program round the clock. I could see a visible improvement in my English communication. I was able to speak confidently and fluently and got three job offers in a row. 

learn english speaking

I was pleased with my achievement. The journey of improving the command of English came to an end.

I joined a company and started working there. I still had the hunger to take my communication to the next level. I kept reading new books and watched many YouTube videos to develop my communication.

I became so interested in learning that I started teaching English speaking skills to job seekers and working professionals. I ended up writing a couple of books. Let me tell you how I learned to speak English:

Step1: Start Speaking English Today


I used to think I would start speaking English once I became perfect. As you know, a person has to start speaking before he reaches excellence.

Excellent or perfect is always the second step, the beginning always comes first. Please imagine yourself in the following situations:

  1. Can a child start walking or running before he takes the first step?
  2. Can you make a business successful without starting it?
  3. Can you make perfect software before inventing it or making a prototype?
  4. Can you become a perfect chef without ruining a couple of dishes?
  5. How can you start speaking English fluently or confidently without taking the first step?

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During your school and college days, you studied English, wrote exams, and listened to your teachers for years.

However, you never started speaking English.

I can relate to this situation to a boy who desperately wants to learn swimming.

He reads the best books and blogs on swimming, watches the best swimmers on YouTube, and learns the nuances of swimming through an online training program.

His only mistake is that he does not go to a pond, river, or swimming pool to swim.

You might laugh at this situation. But, we all have been doing this with English speaking for years.

Once you start speaking, you will improve your speaking skills gradually.

Please remember a child can never learn to walk if he has a fear of failure or rejection.

He tries to stand up and walk even if he falls thousand times. Be ready to fail as it is the only step to excel.

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Step 2: Speak English Confidently


Whenever I tell my students to start speaking English, they often speak in a quiet or muffled tone.

I cannot listen to them even when I sit next to them. It is like you want to learn to drive without starting a car.

Have you ever seen a child speaking in a muffled voice?

It does not matter how much he knows, he always speaks confidently.


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You need not lose your confidence if you cannot speak English as the person before you may not know everything you know. Each of us has strengths and shortcomings. Your interviewer and boss also have many shortcomings.

Hence, do not be much obsessed with your shortcomings.

When you speak English without confidence since you have a fear of making mistakes – your interviewer might think you do not even possess the required technical skills, or you may not be able to do your job proficiently.

I want you to speak English confidently even if you have a fear of making mistakes.

I came across many people who were very assertive despite making many grammar mistakes, and being inarticulate.

However, nobody ever imagined they were inept at their work since they were full of confidence while speaking.

Please keep in mind English is just a tool to communicate your ideas and connect with others. You need not get perfect at it.

Step 3: Non-stop English Practice


I happened to invent this practice.

My students were not able to converse fluently during the conversation and group discussion sessions.

I needed a tool to improve their speaking skills and fluency.

I have been using this tool for eight years, and it is one of the best English speaking practices to build fluency since this practice does not require prior knowledge of a topic and good vocabulary, and it produces an immediate result. Here is a sample non-stop practice for you:


Once you understand this practice, do 15-20 rounds of the practice every day (2 to 3 minutes per round).

This practice alone will skyrocket your confidence to speak English confidently.

I have seen some students making outstanding improvement through this practice within two-three days.

Step 4: Daily Routine in English – A Proven Formula to Learn English Speaking Easily

It is another significant practice to improve your English speaking skills. 

The beauty of this practice is its authenticity; you live and experience everything you say. You can speak English confidently and fluently with this practice since you need not imagine or think much, and you can easily recall or visualize your whole day.

You will understand the essence of this practice once you know the benefits of this practice – when you report to your boss in the evening, you need a snippet of your whole day.

learn english speaking

When you meet your parents in the evening, you often tell them what you did during the day. When you meet a friend after a long time, this practice will help you describe everything you did those days. 

When you sit before your interviewer, you happen to tell him about your achievements and struggles. This practice will assist you there also since a day contains achievements, struggles, best and worst incidents, conversations, and much more.

Here is a sample day repeat practice (You can expand or detail it as per your requirement)

In the morning

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I woke up around five o’clock.

I saw that it was very dark outside, so I slept again.

I woke up around six o’clock again.

I freshened up and went for a morning walk.

I returned home after one hour.

Meanwhile, I took a shower and my wife prepared breakfast.

After that, I had breakfast and also watched TV for some time.

About 8 o’clock, I dressed my child and dropped him at his school.

After that, I left for my office.

In the office

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I walked to my office.

There was a traffic jam on the way to my office, so I reached my office late.

After that, I entered my cabin and turned on my laptop and replied to some important emails. Around 10:30, my boss came.

I went to my boss cabin to discuss something. At 12 o’clock I had a meeting with a client.

The meeting got over at 1 o’clock. I had lunch around 1:30 P.M.

After lunch, I resumed my work, and by the time I completed it, it was six o’clock.

I submitted the work to my manager and left for home.

In the Evening

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I reached home around 7 P.M.

Then I rested for a while and had some snacks.

After having snacks, I went to the market to buy some grocery items.

I bought the grocery items and reached home. After that, I spent some time with my child.

Around 8 o’clock, my wife and I had dinner. After dinner, we went for an evening walk.

After returning home, I called one of my best friends and chatted with him for thirty minutes. At 9:30, my wife and son slept.

After that, I studied for one hour and went to bed.

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Step 5: Tongue Twister Practice

This is another key to improve fluency, pronunciation, and clarity.

Many news anchors, public speakers, radio jockeys, politicians, and film stars use this practice to improve their fluency, and clarity of voice.

You can find numerous tongue twisters on Google and YouTube. You can follow a teacher online to practice it.

You can easily improve your skills once you get the right guidance.

Step 6: Practice Speaking a Random Topic

Speaking a random topic is also a great way to improve your spoken English as it helps you to present an impromptu topic.

Please do not try to speak logically when you start speaking English.

You can just focus on speaking more so that you can train the muscles of your tongue to speak English comfortably. Here is an example for you:

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This is my favourite pen.

I bought this pen online from Amazon.

I use this pen at home to take notes and write my favourite poem.

I have been using this pen for two months.

I lost my previous pen while travelling to my hometown.

I always carry a pen whenever I go outside.

In my childhood, my father gifted me many beautiful pens.

I used to keep all my pens safely as my father gifted me those pens.

If anyone needs a pen in my office, he needs to approach the administration department.

I cannot imagine my life without a pen as I take note of many important things every day.


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Before concluding, I want to remind you that do each practice thoroughly.

Never touch upon a practice; continue with one practice or step unless you get comfortable at it or it becomes a child play for you. You will find your English speaking skills soaring with each step.

I hope this experience and guidance will help you.

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How to Learn English Speaking – Conclusion

  • To learn English speaking, you need to understand and apply these steps.
  • It doesn’t matter you want to learn English speaking or any other skills, you need to experiment with different ideas or tricks.
  • You will be able to validate or reject my tricks once you apply them.

I have shared simple and practical steps to learn English speaking skills that you can start applying right away.

You got a strong foundation to learn English speaking skills.

It is your turn to learn English speaking and accelerate your career.