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How to Improve vocabulary Easily : 2 Proven Tips

Learn to Improve Vocabulary


Let me take you through a unique approach to improve vocabulary for everyday conversation.

You can create a story or a couple of questions using new words to memorize them easily.

Here is a small story that we will use to improve vocabulary.

I am telling you about my friend Girish who is garish because he wears expensive suits despite having a low-paid job. (Are you able to guess the meaning of ‘garish’)


improve vocabulary


His full name is Girish Hardy, and he is a hardy person since he can survive in stressful situations. (I think you understand what ‘hardy’ means)

Girish says that Jin /Ghost (Jin is a Hindi word ) who drinks oil becomes genial and he treats everybody with love and respect. (Here genial means friendly and cheerful)


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Girish loves a heroine who went through many harrowing experiences but nothing can stress or upset Girish.

how to improve vocabulary

That heroine is moti (Fat) and haughty, so nobody likes her except Girish.

Girish got good tuning with genial people, however, this heroine was an exception.

Girish fell in love with her despite hating haughty (unreasonable proud and unfriendly) people.

Government companies don’t employ any gourmands as they can eat a horse. (Gourmand means a person who eats a lot).


how to improve vocabulary


Since Girish a gourmand, he can’t get a job in a govt. company.

Girish even goads God to provide him with delicious food everywhere, and he also loves talking about delicious food.

Meaning of bold words:

Garish: Showy, flashy (person who shows off) Genial: friendly, cheerful, cordial

Hardy: able to survive in a difficult situation

Harrowing: painful

Haughty: Having or showing an insulting attitude

Gourmand: someone is who is fond of drinking and eating

Goad: to annoy someone to do something


Linking words and imagination:


improve vocabulary


Girish is garish (showy) because he wears expensive clothes despite having a low salary.

When Jin drinks oil he becomes genial. (Jin and oil =Genial)

Girish hardy is a hardy person. (Hardy means strong and his surname is hardy i.e. Girish Hardy)

Heroine went through harrowing (painful) experience.

The heroine is Moti and Haughty (having an insulting attitude)

Govt. Company doesn’t employ gourmands because they waste time in eating and drinking. (Government and gourmand)

He goads God to provide good food. (Goad – God)

Answer the following questions to make your memory even stronger and retain these words better:


Why is Girish garish?

What does Jin become after drinking oil?

What kind of experience the did heroine go through?

Why did nobody like the heroine?

What kind of employees Govt. doesn’t employ?

Why is Girish a hardy person?

Why did Girish goad God?


If you can’t answer these question, read the given story again and you see the following linking and imagination method you can easily memorize and retain new words.


Here are sample answers to memorize a new word and build vocabulary

Girish is garish because he wears expensive suits despite having a low-paid job.

Jin (Ghost) became genial after drinking the oil.

The heroine went through many harrowing experiences.

Nobody liked the heroine as she was haughty.

The government doesn’t employ any gourmand as they are just concerned about eating and drinking.

Girish is hardy or strong because no suffering or pain disturbs him.

Girish goads God to provide Girish with delicious food.


You can easily get 10 ways on How to improve your English vocabulary, but keep in mind that it is important to repeat a new word time and again.


A Practical Tip to Improve Vocabulary


One more effective approach to build vocabulary is to listen to talk shows, interviews of famous people and speech of favourite celebrities.


improve vocabulary


When you listen to a new word time and again, you will remember it easily.

When your favourite star or celebrity speaks a new word, you fall in love with that word, and it is easier to retain and recall the word.


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How to Improve Vocabulary  Easily – Conclusion


Listen to your favourite celebrities carefully to learn new words.

Use a new word time and again to memorize it.

You can also use a good book to improve your vocabulary.


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