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How to Gain Confidence: The Top secret of confidence

Learn how to gain confidence. Whatever you want to achieve in your life whether it’s money, success, relationship, your goal, or your dream, it takes confidence to get anything in life.

People do not have confidence in you; they have faith in your confidence.”

Why you have confidence in others:

Let us start with why you have confidence or faith in others.

You have experienced that they do whatever they say.

Let me take you through a few examples to understand this thoroughly:

  • You buy a washing machine from a dealer, and the representative of the organization tells you that if you come across any problem with the device, the company will fix the same within twenty-four hours.
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After three months, you come across an issue with the machine and company arranges to fix the problem within the same day even before the promised time.

Your confidence in the dealer will increase since he kept his word.

If I take a contrary example in the above case, i.e., the company took one month to repair the same, you would lose confidence in the company since it did not keep its word.

  • You buy promotional coupons from a restaurant, and a salesperson promises you to provide premium quality food.
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  • You visit that restaurant thrice; you experience the finest food and services even beyond your expectations. Your confidence in the salesperson and the restaurant will increase since they kept their word.

On the contrary, if you experienced bad quality there, you would have lost your confidence in the salesperson and the restaurant too.

So you trust others, or you have the utmost confidence in them if they keep their word or promise.

You have more confidence in people who even go beyond expectations.

However, if someone does not keep his promise, you will not trust him, and you cannot have confidence in that person.

So, you have confidence in others because they do what they say.

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How to Gain Confidence and Self-esteem in Yourself

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How you can develop your confidence:

Ask yourself if you keep your promise to yourself while going through the following situations:

  • You tell yourself, you will get up early in the morning; do you get up?
  • You tell yourself, you will work out or exercise in the morning; do you work out?
  • When you tell yourself, you will call your friend today; do you make a call?
  • You tell yourself, you will listen to your favourite song today; do you listen to it? 
  • You tell yourself, you will study for two hours today; do you study for two hours?

When you do not keep these little promises to yourself, will you have more confidence in yourself or least confidence? Can you make big promises to yourself?

Moreover, nobody ever insisted on studying for four hours, get up early in the morning or meet your friend.

You make false promises to yourself and kill your confidence. So make lesser promises and if you commit to yourself, keep your commitment at any cost.

My point is that when you start keeping your promises to yourself, you will have more trust or confidence in you; every day it will increase.

Just ponder upon following questions:

  • If you do not have faith in yourself, how can you expect others to have confidence in you?
    • If you do not keep your promises to yourself, why should others expect you to keep your promise to them?
    • Will you think of taking significant challenges in life, when you cannot even keep little promises?

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How to Develop Confidence: Action Steps

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So the prominent key to confidence is promise-keeping.

Now it is up to you; you can start building your confidence right from this moment or wait your whole life that someday an angel will come and pour confidence in you, and that will never happen.

You can take one of the best decisions of your life today; first, start keeping all promises with yourself and then with others and start building your confidence today itself.

Please bear in mind that just because you know that promise-keeping makes you confident, don’t promise 20 things today; start slowly; you can only keep two little promises today and develop this habit gradually.

Remember, if you never keep your promise to yourself, you will lose confidence eventually.

“You are 100% responsible for your confidence; no angel will come and pour confidence in you.”

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