grammar for spoken english

The importance of grammar for Spoken English

If you think that it is necessary to learn grammar for spoken English, you might be wrong.

Let me tell you the story of a teacher who always struggled to speak English despite studying and teaching English grammar for fifteen years.

Grammar for Spoken English

She had been teaching English for fifteen years and was well-versed in English grammar.

She even corrected me a couple of times when I happened to make a mistake. 

However, her only challenge was speaking English.

She aspired to improve her English speaking abilities so that she could help her students speak English confidently.


grammar for spoken english


She told me that she neither got the atmosphere nor guidance to speak English.

She always felt embarrassed as she could not speak English despite teaching English.

Imagine, she failed to speak English despite studying and teaching English grammar for fifteen years.

She was ready to invest time, money, and hard work.

Moreover, you might have seen many teachers who cannot speak English comfortably despite mastering grammar rules.


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Is it necessary to know grammar to speak English fluently? 

I meet many students who join a coaching institute to learn English speaking skills and learn English grammar for two to three months.

They feel cheated once their course is over because they cannot speak English well after losing their precious time and money.

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Let me ask you a couple of questions:

Will you be able to swim efficiently by understanding the nuances of swimming?

Will you be able to make a dish perfectly after getting some instructions to prepare the dish?

Will you be able to fly a plane proficiently after reading or understanding a couple of directives?

Will you be able to create an ideal website after reading a coding language?

 To do something proficiently, you need to practice and apply the instructions or learning. 

You need to speak English day in and day out to improve your English speaking skills.

Grammar rules are merely instructions, and they cannot help you improve your English speaking skills.

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Does a Child Need Grammar to Speak his Native Language?

grammar for spoken english


A child learns his first language without learning grammar. You never tell him to learn grammar to speak a language. Every language has its grammar.

A child is able to communicate his ideas before getting any formal education or learning grammar.

Let me take you through the example of an illiterate person who never learns grammar for spoken English.

How an Illiterate Person Learns a Language

An illiterate person can speak his native language without learning grammar. There are many illiterate people in English-speaking countries who can speak English easily without going through a textbook.


grammar for spoken english

Moreover, you come across many illiterate people in your hometown.

Are they not able to communicate their ideas?

In fact, we all learn our mother tongue or any other language by listening to people around us.

We have learned our mother tongue by listening to our parents, sibling, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other people around us.


Grammar for Spoken English – Conclusion

Is grammar really important in spoken English?


You have already studied grammar for years in your school and college days. You know it has not helped you acquire English-speaking abilities. First, learn to speak English confidently, and you can polish your grammar later.

However, grammar does play an important role when you write English as a professional. It could be writing an email, report, blog, or other business communication.

You must pay attention to English grammar while writing formal English.


Have poor English speaking skills stopped your career growth?


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