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Learn english through Hindi-English translation
256 Reviews
  1. Learn English from Hindi
  2. Improve sentence structure
  3. Learn everyday vocabulary
how to present your ideas in english
176 Reviews
  1. Scripts for everyday conversation
  2. Improve sentence formation
  3. Communication your ideas clearly
english speaking for beginners
31 Reviews
  1. Learn to speak English Fluently
  2. Simple and concise topics
  3. Track & Improve your performance
job interview skills
21 Reviews
  1. Answer tricky & common  questions
  2. Improve your body language
  3. Get better salary
how to write formal emails
11 Reviews
  1. Learn to write professional emails
  2. Learn Email Etiquette
  3. Fix your grammar mistakes
How to build confidence
46 Reviews
  1. Become action-oriented
  2. Improve your confidence level
  3. Learn traits of successful people

English Speaking Course Books – How to Use

Step 1: Start Listening Practice

You cannot develop your English communication skills without improving your listening skills. Here is the step by step guidance for English listening practice.

Step 2: Read Email Writing Book

Read email writing book twice or thrice so that you can understand and fix your grammar mistake and learn to write formal emails.

Step 3: Read Job Interview book

Read job interview skills book so that you can understand the career growth principles and the mindset of your interviewer to take your career to the next level. 

Step 4 : Start Speaking English

You can easily start speaking English using English Speaking Practice for Beginner. Follow al the instructions and complete all the assignments until you complete the book

Step 5: Hindi-English Translation

Read Learn English through Hindi-English Translation to improve your conceptual understanding. It will also help you speak and write correct English.

Step 6: Read Speak English

You can start reading remaining two books namely Speak English and Unlock Your Confidence. These books will provide you with many small topics to speak English easily.

English Speaking Course Books -Details

(Bestselling Books on Amazon)
Rs 1199 only
  • Learn English Through English-Hindi Translation
  • Speak English: Beginner's Guide to Everyday Conversation
  • English Speaking Practice for Beginners
  • Email Writing -Examples, Etiquette, and Mistakes
  • Job Interview Skills
  • Unlock Your Confidence Overnight
  • Free Access to English Speaking Course worth Rs. 499

How to Improve English by Reading Books - FAQs

Can I improve my English by reading books?

You join face-to-face classes or online training programs to get the right direction. Books also provide you with the right direction to improve English speaking or other skills.

What would I do if I faced a challenge?

You can send your queries to We will either include it in FAQs or create a video.

Which are the best English speaking course book for beginners?

You can easily understand the above books as these books have been written in plain English. The best English speaking course books can help you if are able to understand them.

Why should I read books to improve English communication skills?

You should improve English by reading books if you love reading. Or, you may opt for face-to-face or online classes.

How will I do conversation practice?

English Speaking Practice for Beginners provides you with many small scripts for speaking practice. Speak English and Unlock Your Confidence also contain many scripts for English speaking practice.

What would I do if I faced a challenge?

You can send your queries to We will either include it in FAQs or create a video.

Can I improve my English just by reading books?

You cannot improve your English just by reading books. You also need speaking, listening, and writing practice.

Do I need a separate book to improve my English vocabulary?

The above books contain sufficient vocabulary to improve your English speaking and writing skills. You may buy other books later if you want to improve further.

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