English movies to learn English

English Movies to Learn English

Have you ever watched English movies to learn English?

I come across so many participants who have been watching movies to learn English.


However, they find it hard to learn English by watching movies.


We all love watching movies. So, watching movies should be convenient way to learn English easily.

Have you ever thought why it is difficult to improve English by watching movies?

Let me share a couple of observations why you fail to learn English through movies:


  • When you watch a video, you are engrossed in different flavors of the film like action, romance, comedy, etc. and learning takes back seat.

  • Actors, actresses, villains, and other characters are your center of attention, not the way they use their language.

  • If you like an action movie, your whole concentration would be in the fight scenes, and likewise, some people will concentrate on romantic scenes if they want the same.

Moreover, movies are meant for entertainment not to teach you English.


Now, what should you do to improve your command of English?

Let me suggest an alternative way to learn English.

It is equally entertaining and interesting.

I have experimented with this for long.

It works well for all professionals and job seekers since it doesn’t distract you much unlike movies.



You should invest this time listening and watching talk shows, debate shows, and celebrities’ interviews as shared above.

Listening is one of the best media to maintain the atmosphere to learn English.

Hence, I always suggest my participants to listen to talk shows, debate shows, celebrity interviews, and other similar programs.

Interestingly, I never told anybody to watch movies to improve English.



I still remember one of my students who had been watching three movies a day for three months.

One of his friends told him to watch English movies to learn English.

Later, I came to know that his friend was never good at speaking or understanding English.



A person who has learned English by watching movies can give you a piece of advice you need the most.

Watching movies may not help them in learning English due to reasons stated above.

You can listen to the actual conversation of anchors, celebrities, politician, authors, business tycoons, and other famous to learn and improve English communication skills.



However, in movies, you often listen to the native pronunciation of Americans and English people which is difficult to understand for a beginner.

A beginner needs to continuity or momentum to learn anything.

When you fail to understand English movies, you might want to give up easily.

In my opinion, you should start with talk shows, debates, and interviews.

Next, you may watch English movies also to improve English.




In nutshell, you can watch movies to comprehend the English language better

But, please take care that you watch English movies of those genre that you don’t like much.

You will be able to concentrate on learning English and it will really help you develop the grip of the English language.


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