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How to Write Emails - Format and Examples

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Examples & Format

Get email format and examples for different occasions

Email Etiquette

Learn basic email etiquette to create a great impression

Grammar Mistakes

Get rid of common writing mistakes

Tone of Your Email

Don't write a rude email again. Learn to write professional emails.

email writing

Email Writing Skills in Enlgish

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The course has taught me the important nuances of email writing skills.

I found improvement in my email writing from day one. Before joining this course I didn’t know how to start and how to end an email.

Yogesh Saini

It is a great course with articulate explanation and material.

Neetika Tomar

The course was very informative with examples.

Thejaswini Ravindranath

Very good techniques and resources given.

Sundip Sunda

The course was really good. I understood the errors those generally happen in email communication

Pankaj Murhe

Vice nice and detailed information.

Akash Singh

Learn how to write Formal emails

Make A Great Impression !

Formal Email Writing skills

Email Writing Skills for Professionals

Do you struggle to write emails in different situations?

You may struggle to write emails at different situations such as writing a
follow-up email, congratulating someone, welcoming a new employee, or
availing a leave. You cannot afford to avoid these communications since
avoiding these can cost you relation with the recipient.

Moreover, you cannot approach your colleague or senior frequently to write a message, summary, or description.

Do you make common grammatical errors in email writing?

If you make a grammatical mistake, the reader can misinterpret your email.
It would help you understood the common mistakes in writing so
that you can avoid them. This Course covers common writing mistakes for your awareness.

Do you want to create sustained relationship through your message?

You fail to maintain sustain relationship if your message appears rude to other people. You may not write a harsh message deliberately, and you need the right guidance to the correct the tone of your message. The course will provide you with numerous examples to write refined emails.

What you will learn:

  1. You will write professional, polite, and precise emails.

  2. You will  avoid common writing errors

  3. You will  improve the tone of your message

  4. You will learn the basic email etiquette

  5. You will learn to communicate  in varied situations

  6. You will create a sustained relationship with the recipient.

  7. You will get format and examples for varied situations

Course details

Section 1 : How to Write Emails

– How to Avoid Rude Emails

– How to Congratulate Anyone

– Email to Boss, Senior, or Client

– How to Make an Inquiry

– How to Welcome an Employee

– Email for Leave

– How to Write Email when Someone Dies

– Payment Follow-up Emails

– How to Give Feedback

– How to Make an Announcement

– How to Write an Apology Email

– How to Make a Complaint

– How to Write WhatsApp Message to Your Boss, Senior, or Client

Section2 : Common Grammar Mistakes in Writing

Section 3: Email Etiquette and Small tips

Section 4: Some Common Expressions in Business Emails

Section 5: Common English Grammar Errors

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