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Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

‘Do not compare yourself to others. That’s when you start to lose your confidence in yourself’. – Will Smith

The comparison should be a source of inspiration, not inferiority. Let me explain the same through some examples:

You see someone having excellent communication, and you start comparing your communication with his communication level and feel inferior.

You might start cursing, blaming your atmosphere, parents, and teachers.

You can also take a different approach.

do not compare yourself to others

Just think that this person must have worked hard on his communication to attain this level.

So why can I not do this?

By seeing someone, you can remind yourself of your potential.

But be careful you may have a flair for singing instead of communication.

So you need not copy, merely recognize you can excel in life by developing your talent.

But, the choice is always yours whether you take the first option or later one.

13 Things to Do Instead of Comparing Yourself to Others

You have a friend having a good physique and energy level.

do not compare yourself to others

You compare yourself with him and start thinking you are fragile, have a big tummy and start feeling inferior.

The second approach could be that the friend becomes a source of inspiration.

You realize that this person must have been working day in day out to have this physique and energy level.

Just think you should thank this person or feel jealous of him.

You have a colleague doing exceptionally well in his job, gets promotions and appreciations from time to time.

do not compare yourself

You compare yourself with him and tell yourself he gets a better salary than I get, he is smarter than I am and he can grow faster in his career than I can and so on.

This way you are barely sabotaging your confidence level.

In this case, the best approach is to analyze what is so unique about this colleague and consider:

Do you work hard as he does?
Do you also work on communication and other skills development as he does?
Do you complete your work on time and ensure quality as he does?

If you analyze sincerely, you will find that you have some lack or carelessness in your work or attitude.

Once you understand deficiency, you will surely work towards that.

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Do not Compare Yourself to Others – Action points

do not compare yourself to others

Stop negatively comparing yourself and understand if you have passion and flair for something; you can also be good in a particular field.

Take a comparison as a source of inspiration and develop your confidence accordingly.
Remember you are not here to live someone else’s life.

But if you love someone’s life you may follow a person’s footprints to create your way.

You can also read The Most Important Learning from Swami Vivekanand.

Do not compare yourself to others – Quotes

‘If you do not compare, then you are neither bigger nor smaller, neither ugly nor beautiful, neither intelligent nor stupid.’ – Osho

3. “Do not compare yourself to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.”- Regina Brett

4. ‘No one is perfect no matter how hard they pretend they are, so do not compare yourself to them.’ ― If I Wake

5. Life knows no failure. Failure exists only for those who are always comparing themselves to others.’ – Sadguru

6. ‘Everything in life is easier when you don’t concern yourself with what everybody else is doing.’ 

7. ‘You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.’ – Eleanor Roosevelt

8. ‘You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.’- Oprah

Do not Compare – Conclusion

A comparison should be a source of inspiration, not inferiority.

Whenever you find a talented person, respect his or her hard work, talent, attitude, and learn from him or her.

Remember, you are not here to live someone else’s life.

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