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3 Tips for Communication with client

Communication with client is the most important aspect of a job or business.

Whether you are running your own business or working in corporate, you often deal with clients.

Clients are the backbone of any business as they can make or ruin any business.


Lack of effective communication with client can cost your your business or career.


Hence it is essential to have regular communication with them.

You may not be an excellent communicator, however you need to understand three principles of effective communication skills.

Your clients will love your association if you follow these three concepts.

Here are three points you should take care while communicating with your clients:


Develop Comfort level

Client may not care about how much you know or how good your services or products are unless he/she has a reasonable comfort level with you.

Comfort level means you have friendly behavior, and your client feels welcome in your presence.

Let me just remind you it happens sometimes we share few thing with our friends but not with our parents or siblings.

The only reason for this is we have a perfect comfort level with our friends.

If your client feels comfortable with you, he will share everything you need to know to take your business to the next level.

So, if you want to have repeat business with a client or you want your client to refer you to other people, maintain good comfort level with clients.


Ask Open-ended Questions

Sometimes, a prospective client approaches me telling that she/he wants to go for personality development course.

When I do little question- answer session with him/her, I find the client is looking for spoken English course.

Your client is not an expert to give you his or her exact requirement.

So, it is always the best approach to ask the meaningful questions so that you can understand the exact specification of your client.

If you want to serve a client without understanding actual need of the client, you will surely spoil your relationship with the client.

Hence, you must help the client to know what he wants.


Communicate Challenge in Advance

Neither your boss or nor your client will tolerate a sudden bad news.

Suppose, you have to deliver a project/report on 25th June, and get this project on 1st June; on 15th June you came to know that project would be delayed by one week.

You were aware on 15th June that project would be delayed; you could have informed your management or client about the same on the same day.

Another approach is you advise your client or management on 24th about the same.

If you inform them on 24th, your boss or client can hardly do anything except shouting at you.

Had you notified the delay to the client or management on 15th itself, the client or management would have made some alternative arrangement.

You could control this situation easily by communicating with your client in advance.

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