another word for richness

Another word for Richness : English Vocabulary to Talk About Richness

Are you looking for another word for richness?

Everyone wants to become rich and talk about his success. We all love using beautiful vocabulary to describe our life and ideas. Here are a couple of words to talk about richness:


If a person has a lot of money he is called rich, affluent, moneyed, well-to-do, prosperous, or wealthy.

Everybody is not wealthy.
They are rich/affluent.
She comes from a prosperous family.
He is from a well-to-do family.


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If you become rich because of your own work you are called a self-made man.

He is a self-made man.
He is a self-made millionaire
She is a self-made businesswoman.

It is necessary for everybody to become a self-made man or woman.



A rich person can easily afford exorbitant (exorbitant price is too high or very costly) price.


He paid an exorbitant price for the watch.
The government never pays an exorbitant price to acquire land.
Why would you pay an exorbitant price for the flat?


The rich often live in luxury (something expensive that is pleasant to have but not necessary) as they can easily afford a luxury car, luxury trip, or luxury cruise.



If a person or organization has deep pockets, it means they have a lot of money.

Do you have deep pockets?
My company has deep pockets and I happen to get a salary increment every year.
I want to have deep pockets.

Rich can easily afford opulent hotels, opulent gifts, opulent jewellery, opulent lifestyle, and opulent education.

Here is another word for richness.


Opulent means expensive and luxurious.

Rich people have many privileges, such as the privilege of meeting business tycoon, the privilege of attending best seminars, the privilege of the best medical and educational facilities and so on.


Privilege is an advantage that only a person or a group of people has because of their position or because they are rich.


Filthy rich means extremely rich.


Millionaire means a person who has 1000000 (ten lacs) dollar, euro, or more


Billionaire means a person who has 100000000 (100 crores) dollar, euro, or more.


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Swish (swanky): fashionable and expensive




He stays in a swish (Swanky) hotel and drives a swish (swanky) car.
You want to buy a swish (swanky) apartment.
She has a swanky (swish) lifestyle.


Marry money: to marry a rich person


marry money


If you want to become rich quickly, you can marry money.
She married money to live an opulent life.
You can marry money if you do not want to work hard.



Midas touch: if someone has the Midas touch they are successful in everything they do

You might say that Dan Lok has the Midas touch as he owns many successful businesses.
Mukesh Ambani has the midas touch since he has been building extremely successful empires for years. Here are 12 Words to Talk about Success.



Live like a king/lord: to have a luxurious life




Who does not want to live like a lord?
You cannot live like a lord if you think like a poor.

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In the lap of luxury: living in a very comfortable position because you have a lot of money


in the lap of luxury


If you have the Midas touch, your family will live in the lap of luxury.
Everyone wants to live in the lap of luxury


Strike it rich: to become rich suddenly and unexpectedly


strike it rich


He struck it rich in his new business.
They struck it rich by moving to a digital marketing business.
You may strike it rich in the stock market.
She struck it rich by making a travelling app.

If you are still looking for more options, here is another word for richness. 

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Sumptuous: Impressive and expensive


another word for richness


We attended a sumptuous wedding last night.
She wore a sumptuous gown.
You are supposed to buy a sumptuous mobile.
Can you afford a sumptuous car?


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