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If English language has become a barrier in your career growth, your search is over!

At UrCareer, We help professionals and job-seekers to improve their spoken English skills, Formal email writing skills, Job Interview skills, and other career skills so that they can easily better job and career options.

Yogesh founded UrCareer in 2008 with the sole objective of helping his clients to speak English well and excel in their career.

Successful people around the globe have some common personality traits such as good communication skills, passion for work, willpower, healthy mindset,  & people development.

At UrCareer, we equip individuals with these qualities and skills to enable them to climb the ladder of success and play a vital role towards the growth of the organization.


Your Goal

Our mission is to help you speak English and develop other career skills so that you can excel in your career and earn more.


Your requirement

Commitment to quality service enables us to offer courses, study material, and other resources you need to develop these skills.


Your Challenge

Your main challenge is scarcity of time. Hence, we provide you with 24 hours online access. Moreover, you can write to us if you face any challenge.

Meet Your Trainer

Yogesh Vermani

A Chartered Accountant

Yogesh started his career as a chartered accountant in 2003 and worked for different corporate for more than 10 years.

Yogesh Founder UrCareer

Bestselling Author

Yogesh has authored 6 books including two bestselling books namely Learn English Through Hindi-English Translation and Speak English: Beginners’ Guide to Everyday Conversation.

More than 20000 people have bought his books on Amazon.

Udemy Instructor

Yogesh has more than 3500 students on Udemy, one of the biggest online training platforms in the world. Yogesh offers 5 courses on this platform.


English Speaking Course

Learn english online courses

Hindi-English Translation

Learn English through Hindi-English Translation

Job Interview Preparation course

Job interview skills

English communication and career skills trainer

Yogesh has been helping professionals and job-seekers for 12 years in developing English speaking and other career skills.

His clients include software professionals, graphic designers, engineer, project managers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, chefs, scientists, managers, and top management people.

His also conducted corporate training sessions for the following organizations:
1. Sobha Ltd.
2. Govt. Girls College Gurgaon
3. Makino India Pvt. Ltd.
4. Jabil India Pvt. Ltd
5. Devalaya Education Pvt. Ltd.
6. The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India
7. Happy Model School Gurgaon
8. Government College Sector 9 Gurgaon