My Story

How I learned to speak English

When I started my career as a chartered accountant, every company rejected me because I could not speak English confidently.

I joined three institutes to improve my spoken English abilities. However, they taught me tenses and grammar only.

I was frustrated and disappointed. I did not stop there. I was still looking for one of the best options to polish my English speaking skills.

Finally, I discovered the proven stratagies to learn English speaking skills.

After developing the command of spoken English skills, I was selected by three companies one after another.

I was also selected by one of the top fortune 500 companies.

About Yogesh

For 13 years, he has been helping professionals and jobseekers speak English confidently and develop other career skills to make them skyrocket their career growth.

His clients include software professionals, graphic designers, engineer, project managers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, chefs, scientists, managers, and top management people.

Bestselling author

He has authored 7 books including 2 bestsellers – Learn English through Hindi-English Translation &  English Speaking Practice. 


Udemy instructor

Udemy is one of biggest online coaching platforms in the world.  He teaches more tha 21400 students there from more 150 countries.


Founder of UrCareer

He is the founder of UrCareer, one of the most trusted institutes on Google in Gurugram to learn English speaking and other career skills.