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9 Amazing tips to improve spoken English

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Here are my 9 amazing tips to improve spoken English quickly:

Improve spoken English by observing people


You always want to understand and develop the nuances of effective communication skills.

You can understand and develop the nuances of communication skills by watching many people who speak good English.

So, the best way to improve your speaking style is to watch and listen to people who speak good English and replicate the best attributes you learn from them.


The right time to build vocabulary

First, focus on speaking and listening English; once you are comfortable with speaking and understanding English, then start building advanced vocabulary.

Second, most of us possess basic vocabulary in our mother tongue, and we are good at communicating our views without building advanced vocabulary.

Therefore, I am not suggesting that you should not build your vocabulary; however, one must know his priority.



Importance of English grammar for spoken English

Keep in mind that you can speak English even if you have little knowledge of grammar.

Do you remember your childhood you started speaking Hindi or mother tongue without going to school and without learning any grammar?

Moreover, there are thousands of people who never attended any school and can speak their mother tongue or any other language comfortably.

Therefore, grammar is necessary to polish your language skills, but it should not become a barrier for you.



To speak English fluently

To speak English fluently, don’t blame your atmosphere

You can still create your atmosphere. For example, if you say that you do not have any friend to speak English; you can always practice before mirror without any friend.

You might say that no one speaks English at my home, so watch TV to listen to people who speak English and you get the atmosphere of English.

However, you never think of a company when you want to eat something or watch your favorite soap opera.

Thus, the above excuse is no longer valid.



Using a dictionary to improve your pronunciation

When you start speaking English, you always fear if you mispronounce a word.

The best way to overcome this challenge is listening to the people who speak English and buy a dictionary with CD containing pronunciation so that you can understand and copy correct pronunciation.

Even native speakers can make pronunciation mistakes.

The fear of wrong pronunciation should not stop you from speaking English.

So, start speaking English even if you make certain pronunciation mistakes.



Speak English before mirror

When you practice speaking English with your friend, you cannot watch your confidence and facial expression.

But when you drill English speaking in front of a mirror, you can always watch your self-confidence and body language and change them if you want to.

Practicing before mirror will improve your spoken English in a fast mode.

Consequently, you should speak before a mirror without hesitation since no body observes or judges you there.


Practice different tone of voice


To develop confidence in speaking it is a best practice to utter a single sentence in a different tone of voice.

You will feel comfortable in talking if you practice speaking in different moods.

You always speak confidently in your mother tongue since you can express all emotions effortlessly.

Thus, you need to practice different emotions when you learn a new language.



Video and audio recording


For better results audio-record or video-record yourself.

Observe what you like in your speaking style and reinforce it; and if you find you need to improve something in your speaking, work on that weakness also.

If you want to fix a shortcoming by yourself, look for external help.

Next, You may also visit our website  if you need professional help to improve your communication skills.


 Speak English without fear


Last but not least, you cannot make a good impression with a shaking voice, so always make sure you speak with power and confidence.

Just watch a movie again, if you like an actor or actress, you like her power and energy of voice, so develop your voice full of power and strength.

You sound impressive when you speak assertively. Being assertive is one of most attractive communication attributes.

I hope you found ‘9 tips to improve spoken English’ useful.

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