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7 Most Important Job Skills for your resume

Have you ever wondered about the most important job skills for your resume that your prospective employer is looking for?  Many candidates cannot understand the mindset of the interviewer, and they fail to impress their interviewer. The post explains the most important  7 key skills for your resume. Let us understand each of them:


Being result-oriented


Being result-oriented happens to be the most important job skills for a resume. You may be working 14 hours a day, or day in or day out. However, Your employer has no concern with working hours. The employer wants to know how many jobs you are able to complete.  


If you can complete the desired task within 6 hours, your employer will be equally happy. No employer wants you to work extra hours or beyond office hours; the employer wants you to complete your work at any cost. If you complete work on time, you will have a reputation among senior, junior, management team & everyone.


However, you have to work after office hours if your company or management has a penchant for working beyond office hours.


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Technical skills

You may be an accountant, manager, salesperson, or engineer. You understand that knowledge expands every day. You have to upgrade your knowledge & skills from time to time if you want to survive in a job. If your client is more knowledgeable than you, you may fail to offer him sound advice. 


“The only skill that will be important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills. Everything else will become obsolete over time.”  – Peter Drucker


Time management

Time management is all about understanding your top priority and completing your work on time. Don’t confuse time management with reaching and leaving the office on time. If you can meet all work deadlines, your boss doesn’t care when you take lunch or when you leave the office.


Your knowledge, degree, qualification, skills, and experience is worthless if you fail to understand and execute your top priority.


“If it is your priority, you will find a way. If it is not, you will find an excuse.” – Jim Rohn


Communication skills

Communication skills have two primary objectives. First, learn to understand others. Suppose you cannot understand your boss or client, you will never work according to their instruction or expectations, and you may risk your job.


Second, learn to make others understand. If other people cannot understand your point of view, nobody will value your knowledge, skills and talent and you will fail to convince them. Hence communication skills are key skills for your resme.


Team skills


job skills


Being alone, you can acquire knowledge and develop skills quickly. However, when you work for a company or an organization,  you work with a team to achieve significant targets or complete important projects or assignment. Try to become the best contributor to your organization, and people will remember you for your contribution.


Keep in mind that some people may play politics and overshadow you and your contribution. However, you must develop technical and people skills relentlessly to give your best, which is the key to continuous career growth. Here are the Top 8 Job Interview Tips for Your Next Interview.



English communication

In today’ scenario, it is not easy to join a good company or face interviews without having an excellent command of English. I meet many people who have technical skills to work for a fortune 500 or a good company, but they do not possess a good command of English for a job interview. 


Moreover, you need to comprehend the English language to read books, blogs and attend face-to-face or online training program to update your existing skills. You lose your market value if you fail to update yourself.



Ten years ago, nobody cared if you were focused or not. However, it has become one of the most important job skills since our world is full of distractions, such as emails, text messages, Whatsapp, YouTube, and the list goes on and on. 


job skills


If you are monomaniacal-focused, you become proficient at your work very soon. The quality of your work becomes sublime. You also execute your work faster when you are completely focused. Here are 7 strategies to stay super focused.


Job Skills for Resume – The Conclusion 


If you want to excel in your career or get a high-paying job, you need to understand and develop the above key skills. Once you understand the mindset of your prospective company or hiring manager, you need to develop yourself up to their expectations to get better jobs or career options.


What are other key job skills for your resume aside from these 7 job skills?


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