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5 Most Important Tips to learn English: Choosing the Right Institute

Why do you need to tips to learn English?

I often come across students who join an institute to learn English and feel cheated.

Most of them don’t even take a second chance despite knowing learning English is important for their career.

I am not blaming any institute.

However, a student should consider a couple of features before joining any institute to learn English.

One of the Best Tips to Learn English

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You want to test drive a car before buying it to make sure you choose the right option for you.

However, it is not necessary for the vehicle you choose will be a good option for everyone you know.

Test driving gives you a sense of satisfaction.

If you attend a demo session before joining an English-speaking coaching, you can understand and experience the pedagogy of the institute.

In case, you feel you might make a wrong decision by joining the English language school, you have the freedom to opt for another institute to learn English.

We always make sure that our students watch a couple of demo videos before joining us so that they can make informed decisions.


Online content

tips to learn english

All good institutes publish blogs where they share a lot of tips and techniques to improve English communication and other career skills.

You can get the hang of many useful ideas to improve the command of English language.

You can also experiment with one or two ideas to gain more confidence.

You can also read my blog 7 Simple Tips to Speak English Fluently


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There are different roads to reach a destination.

Teachers from same or different backgrounds can have varied methods of teaching and training their students.

We also need to understand that every technique does not work for all students.

In fact, a good teacher takes different approaches to educate two or more students.

I still remember I joined a coaching institute since I scored poor marks in financial accounting.

I could not even understand the basics of financial accounting since I did not like the pedagogy from day one.

That coaching proved a waste of time and money for me.

I am sure you want to save yourself from a similar situation.

You needn’t run behind a famous institute.

You don’t even know your teacher well when you run behind a famous institute.

I love online classes because I always know my instructor well and understand his or her teaching pedagogy.

You know what matters most when it comes to learning a subject or developing new skills.

If you have utmost trust in your teacher, you will follow his or her instructions wholeheartedly.

If you asked me only two tips to learn English, I would say that find a teacher whom you can trust beyond doubt. Second, learn it with enthusiasm.


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Investment is an essential criterion for everyone, but do not hype it unnecessarily.

Many people would invest Rs. 50000 for a branded mobile or a lavish parlor visit, but not on their education.

Your earning potential is decided by the command of your work.

If you cannot execute your job well, you can never deserve good earnings.

You can sharpen your execution skills through training.

Moreover, if you invest in a marriage party, mobile, clothes, beauty parlors, and other similar things you cannot expect any return on the investment.

However, investment in education pays the best interest. That is the only reason people run behind IIT, IIM, IBS, and other premium educational institutes in India and abroad.

People spend between $20000 and $73000 for an MBA program since they understand the value of quality education.

Here is a link for your reference: 40 Most Affordable MBA Programs in the world.

Office Hours

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This is the next critical criterion to choose English-speaking training coaching.

If you work in a graveyard shift, you cannot select an early morning session.

On the other hand, you cannot opt for an evening session if you work till eight o’clock in the office.

In case you spend a lot of time commuting, you can choose an ‘online English speaking course.

Many participants are not able to continue their training since their office hours clash with the training schedule.

Hence, always keep in mind your office and commuting hours before choosing an English language training institute.


The above tips to learn English language will help you choose the right institute to learn English.

You will also be able to save your precious money an time.

Have you ever joined an institute to learn English?

What is one thing participants should take into account before joining an institute?

I would love to know your views.


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