3 Effective Tools to Proofread Your Academic Content

Want tools to proofread your academic content?

Imagine, you are writing an assignment or thesis for your degree and have worked very hard to get it flowing well and driving your research to a powerful conclusion.

But all this hard work can go in vain if your academic work contains poor sentence structure, grammar, and spelling errors. And this may send your beautiful dreams to the graveyard too early in your academic career.

To avoid this, there are a number of effective tools that can help you on the proofreading stage of your academic writing. In this article, we are going to take a look three most useful tools that can help in detecting errors in the crafted content.


3 Effective Tools to Proofread Your Academic Content


1.    Hemingway


On the top of the list, we have Hemingway. It is a free online proofreading and editing tool that allows students to improve the quality, readability, and tone of their content. It highlights different issues such as the usage of adverbs, passive voices, and phrases.

Not just this, the tool also highlights sentences that are hard or very hard to read. Apart from highlighting the issues, the tool also provides suggest the most appropriate words/phrases that students can use in order to make the content more readable and informative.

Moreover, Hemingway also provides a readability score calculator that works with international readability standards to provide students with an idea about how easy to read their academic work is.

To provide you with a better understanding, we are going to use this tool. We are going to give a piece of content from this article that you are reading in order to see what type of suggestions and readability score it provides.


tools to proofread your academic content



As you have seen in the picture we attached above, Hemingway has not only highlighted the issues but also provided appropriate suggestions and calculated the overall readability score.

One of the amazing things that we found after using this tool is that it highlights issues with different colors so that users especially students can understand better which sentences or paragraphs they need to improve.

In addition to proofreading features, one downside of this tool is that it doesn’t identify grammar and spelling mistakes in the given content.





2.    Grammarcheck.ai


As you can guess after reading the name, Grammarcheck.ai is another free online grammar-checking tool that allows users, especially students help students in capturing even the smallest grammar and spelling mistakes in their academic content.

This is an AI-based tool that not only detects errors but also provides suggestions to solve the detected mistakes by utilizing advanced AI algorithms. Using this tool for proofreading will allow students to improve the quality of their academic work which will further help them to stand out in their class with a good reputation.

For a better understanding of Grammarcheck.ai detects and provides useful suggestions, we are to provide to use it. The result can be seen in the attached picture below:




As can be seen in the attachment above, the tool has not only detected the issues in the input content but also provided suggestions, if the user clicks on a particular word. And the best thing is that it underlines spelling errors with a red line and grammar/punctuation errors with a yellow line for user ease.

Additionally, the tool offers unlimited word count. This means, users especially students can proofread their entire work without dividing them into several portions. Doing this will save both time and effort as well.

The only drawback of this grammar-checking tool is that users need to manually correct each error which may take a lot of time if the content has a large number of mistakes.


3.    Perfectit






Last, but not the least, we have Perfectit. It is proofreading software that allows users to detect a wide of errors including dashes, and even hyphens, and then generate a comprehensive report for these errors.

Apart from these errors, the tool also checks the user content for formatting, capitalization, abbreviations, tables, bullets, and headings and then provide suggestion on improving them.

The tool offers two weeks (14 days) free trial for free users. This tool is especially useful for proofreading long-form documents such as research papers or theses quickly and efficiently.

Although, the tool does not detect grammar & spelling errors. Not just this, it does not check for clarity and conciseness of the input content.

Finally, to use this tool, you need MS Word only as editing software because it is limited to only Word.

Aside from these tools to proofread your academic content, you can watch 10 proofreading techniques to get the most out of this blog:



In conclusion, submitting high-quality and error-free assignments or research papers is crucial for every student. By utilizing advanced tools, students can make their academic work error free without spending much time and effort.  Above we have discussed the three most effective tools to proofread your academic content.

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