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3 Biggest Time Wasters

What are the biggest time-wasters at work that prevents productivity? You must have thought about time-wasters if you understand the importance of time management. All successful people invest or use their time wisely. It is said that you can always get more money, but not time. 

“Whether this is the best of times or worst of times, it’s the only time we have got ” – Art Buchwald


The first time waster – Avoiding important

You do not get recognized at the workplace just by completing a job. Your bosses or clients remember you when you complete the most critical task on time. It took me two years to understand this simple concept because nobody 


biggest time wasters


So, before starting a new task or job, always considers whether this work is significant, or you are doing it because it looks convenient to you. 

Always remember, you have to complete any given task or assignment whether it is suitable for you or not.

If you are doing the most comfortable work first ignoring important work, you are just wasting your time, and neither your boss nor client will value your work. Moreover, you cannot justify your pending work in this condition.


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The second time-waster – Checking emails & making personal calls

If you check emails or make personal calls frequently, you create an unnecessary interruption in your work. Moreover, you cannot complete your work on timeYou have to work after office hours and by and by you will start losing your efficiency.

“Focus on being productive instead of being busy.” – Tim Ferris


biggest time wasters


Whenever you are on vacation or take off, you don’t want to do official work; similarly, give your 100% while you are in the office.

 You can check your emails twice a day and limit your personal calls to a maximum of 5-10 minutes during office hours.

The 3rd time waster – Being hesitant

When I started my career, I had to learn many new things from my seniors, colleagues, and clients. I was hesitant as I did not like interrupting them again and again. Therefore, I used to delay my work. Many times, I got tongue-lashing from my bosses. Finally, I understood I could not survive in Industry if I kept hesitating.


biggest time wasters


Just consider what happens when you wait i.e., you cannot complete your work, you leave the office with tension, you reach the office thinking about work, you can’t think of changing your job, and you have to forget about salary raise or promotion.

So if you hesitate, everything will go wrong, and the cost of hesitation is too high.

Now consider what happens when you are confident and proactive:

  • You will be able to complete your work on time.
  • You stop wasting your time
  • You will have a good reputation among subordinates, colleagues, seniors, and clients.
  • People will start recognizing your work.
  • The client will value and appreciate your work.
  • You can complete your job quickly.
  • Your boss will surely promote you.

You cannot afford to hesitate if you really want to grow in your career. Being hesitant could be one of the biggest career development mistakes.

What are the other time wasters you know that might waste your time?


3 Biggest Time Wasters – The Conclusion


“It’s not enough to be busy, so are ants. The question is, what are we busy with?”

Getting rid of the above time-wasters can be a game-changer. If you want to become more productive and achieve new heights in your career, you should do away with the three biggest time wasters.




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